The Bright and Morning Star is still there.


 I was looking at the sky in the early morning and saw the morning star. Its venus and its very bright against the black sky.

I was thinking about feelings. Somtimes in your walk with God your feelings are intense. Sometimes they are not. As I was thinking about this God said look out the window again. I looked and the sun was up the sky was a pale blue. I could not see the morning star anymore but I knew it was still there. A entire world blotted out. A min ago it was so clear. Gods word, Gods Love is like that. We can believe it even if we don’t see it. I remember when I was healed of asthma and after a few days I had a little wheeze. I could at that point look to the symptoms and belive I had asthma again. Instead I said in myself “by his stripes I was healed.” The next breath was perfectly clear. I know I can stand on the word even if symptoms and circumstances say different. The word can change my circumstances, my feelings.

I can look up at the sky in the daytime and even though I can not see the stars I know they are there.  I can’t see them in the day and if I could they really look small from here. In fact they are greater and larger than the earth on which I stand. The blue sky and the distance hide the truth about whats up there. Feelings and circumstances are like that when the word of God is concerned. God’s word rules the universe, but with so much other light around and from this perspective it sometimes looks small. Thats decieving. It actually caused everything to come into being. Its the very building blocks of matter. My feelings and circumstances seem bigger, brighter but in reality they are not. The word is bigger, brighter, permanant.  

Jesus said that when the storms came that the house that stood firm was based on a rock.  Feelings, circumstances are shifting sand.



  1. I would like to use the above picture in my book and am asking if I need permission to use this picture? The book is a Christian book for ministry and reflects my own experience of being given the Morning Star. Thank you, Arden

  2. Who Is The Morning Star? Is the morning star in the bible JESUS or LUCIFER?
    In Isaiah 14:12 Lucifer is called the son of the morning. But Jesus is referred to as both the day star and morning star.

    Revelation 22:16 “I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root [an ancestor] and the offspring [the blood descendant] of David, and the bright and morning star.”

    22:16 I, Jesus have sent my angel to testify these things – Primarily. To you – The seven angels of the churches; then to those churches – and afterwards to all other churches in succeeding ages. I – as the Mighty God, (the embodiment of the Word of God made flesh, the faithful and true witness). I Am the root – And source of David’s family and kingdom (assuring the Church of “the sure mercies of David”, secured to Israel); as man (David’s lord, yet David’s son), an descended from his loins (spiritual in vitro fertilization via miraculous power of God- insuring the blood line of David). I am the star out of Jacob, Num 24:17; like the bright morning star, who puts an end to the night of ignorance, and sin, and ushers in an eternal day of light, and purity.
    I am the morning star-that ushered in the day of grace in the beginning of this dispensation and that shall usher in the everlasting day of glory at its close. (Wesley Study Notes out of Context)

    Revelation 2:26-29 “And the (one) overcoming and the (one) keeping until (the) end the works of me, I (Jesus) will give him authority over the nations, and he will shepherd them with a staff of iron, as clay vessels, they are broken, as I also have received from the Father of me, and I will give him the morning star. He having an ear, hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”
    Jesus (The Morning Star – Mighty God – Embodiment of the Word of God )
    Anti-Christ (The Fallen Day Star – God Manifest – Evil Incarnate – Theocratic Terrorism)
    Lucifer is a Latin word, literally meaning “light-bearer”, that was used as a name for the “day star” or “morning star” that literally precedes the rising of the sun. Use of this name in reference to a fallen angel stems from a particular interpretation of Isaiah 14:3-20, a passage that speaks of someone who is given the name of “Day Star” or “Morning Star” (in Latin, Lucifer) as fallen from heaven (the sky).

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