love gary colman

How to turn Mike Tyson into Gary Coleman

Had a interesting experience. I started to meditate on how much God loved me by going over some of my prayer answers and Mr diablo showed up with some of his junk. Being in love though turns him in to a much smaller and less formidable foe. I was amazed that energized by love the devils once fiery darts that once hit hard fell with all the power of a water soaked tortilla! I launched the word at him and it cut through him like he was warm jello! What you talking about Willis!

Love is quite a power stance, Think about that next time the devil comes a calling. It says if you obey the law of love you will find your obeying all the others.

The bible (the message translation) says put on love, make it your everyday garment, never be without it. Do all things with love. Jesus said make your home in my love and he also say why do you call me lord and do not what I say. Making our home in love is a important commandment. Its the shelter of the most high spoken of in psalms 91.

Word from the dojo!