what is “the light”

God is light –he is light and in him is no darkness at all

God is love

Light is love

KEEP YOURSELF in the love of God

IF we walk (the just shall walk by faith) in the light (God, love ) as he is in the light we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Christ continually cleanses us from all sin. ( righteousness )

the effect of righteousness is peace

with the heart a man believes unto righteousness

Love believes all things


are you rooted and grounded? Will your life count for anything?

The parable of the sower Jesus says that some receive the word , but it has little depth of earth and when the sun shines on it then it shrivels up.  It is too hot for it and it doesn’t draw up enough nutrients and water cause of it’s shallow roots. Lets take a look at this. The Bible always translates itself so other bible verses tell us what this means. In this case does the bible ever mention rooting? In one verse it says “rooted and grounded in love.” In another verse it says “let (you do this) your roots grow down deep in his marvelous love.” So we see the depth is love. You can’t make a go of it in the Christian life if your shallow in love. Sure you can “look” like a Christian but there won’t be much left of your life if you don’t major in sincere love. The Bible says in 1st Corinthians 13 love stands up under any pressure. It endures all things. So we have identified what the rooting is. Love is where you get your nutrients from, your water, your food, your sap. You draw from love. It makes you grow. In 1st Corinthians it says when I was a child (little love), then it says when I became a man (big love), then points to love. Love is what we are supposed to grow up too. God made man in his own image, God is love.  “put on the new man created in the image of him that created him”

Could love be THAT important in Christianity? In 1st Corinthians 13 we see that without it everything else in the Christian life does not profit anything. It points out that super faith, the greatest sacrifice, the most spiritually gifted, all knowledge, all of that is nothing without love. After going through the fire of God’s judgment everything you do as a Christian is examined for its love content. The Bible tells us that everyones works will be tried and some people that have built on wood hay and stubble will have nothing left. Some build on gold silver and precious gems and after the fire they have good things left. It says that our God is a fire. I submit to you that fire is love. We see the whole of the Christian life in its extremes judged by love in 1st Corinthians. So if you want your life to have any real meaning you need to live a life of love. Put the focus off everything else and concentrate on this because if you miss this your Christian life will not have any real meaning in the end. Thats tough, it sobering, (so wake up!)

I live by a Christian college and they have lots of people that have lots of knowledge but little love. I used to rent rooms to kids that went to that college and one of them was really highly educated. He would quote Kierkegaard and other authors I didn’t know anything about. I would say God told me this or I had this prayer answer the other day and It would offend him. He knew a lot but I don’t think he knew God. “God is love and those that live in love live in God.” (God is a dwelling place, a shelter, a house, see palms 91) Jesus said you must make your home in my love. You WILL live in some kind of spirit all day and you as Christian can choose which spirit to put on. If you don’t pick out a spirit to live in one will be picked out for you.

In one translation it says “to make love your everyday garment, picked out by your creator for you to wear.” Most people live in their flesh and have spirits telling them what to do and they are not aware of it. We are supposed to walk after the spirit and let God tell us what to do. The spirit that should tell us what to do? God is love it says in 1st john. Thats the spirit we need to obey. It says in the bible to make love your main goal and to live a life of love. DO you live in love? Do you “follow after love”. When you speak does love speak or is it just your flesh? Do feelings come over YOU and tell you what to do or are you living in the spirit and not letting that happen. We were meant to rule spirits not have them rule us. In Christ its possible to be the head and not the tail above and not beneath. Christ kingdom is ruled by love, it has to be since love is God. God is a spirit.

One time many years ago I thought that if I gave love to God he would give love back since whatever I sowed I would reap. I remember by faith giving love to God and making that my focus. I couldn’t feel the love but I did it by faith even though I couldn’t feel it. I was in a house with my family at the time. After about 20 min of this I heard a voice that was louder than anything I had ever heard. It sounded like what a waterfall would sound like if it could talk, it was mixed with what a thunderstorm would sound like if it could talk as well (but more waterfall than thunder). When I say loud I can not even describe how loud it was, it went through everything. It shocked me I thought everyone in the world had heard it. I asked my mom and she had not heard it. It was the most “real” thing I had ever experienced. What did that voice say? It said one word. “WELCOME”. That implies a lot. It said I was accepted. It said I had entered another place. Like a door. To this day when I think of it I get all tingly and the hairs on my neck stand up. It was like everything I had ever known was sub-reality and I had just experienced real reality. There is no way to describe it. Later I wondered if that was really God and asked him to show me if it was. When Jesus was being baptized in the book of John it says that God spoke. Many people thought it was thunder. Also in the bible it says he spoke with a voice that sounded like “many waters”. Gods words are called “living water”. He talks about cleaning us up with the “washing of the water of the word” I believe that love is the door to God’s kingdom. We enter by Christs sacrifice of course, but once we get in that house, well its the house of love.  Other people have told me its faith. I think faith is a product of love not the other way around. The word says faith works by love. I have had faith that failed, I have never had love that failed.

Have you missed the Christian life? Will your life be worth anything when it passes through the fire of God’s love? Is love managing your affairs or other spirits or your flesh? Do you care? really care? All commandments can be summed up in love God with everything, your strength, your soul, your might, everything and love others the same way you do yourself. All the commandments are in love. Love is a commandment you do with your heart. Its the true light that is already shinning that John mentions. It is the more excellent way that Paul points out in 1st Corinthians. So there is a “more excellent way”. You have the love if your a Christian, “the love of God is poured out in our heart through the holy spirit”. God says to us “my son, let your heart keep my commandments”. (you do this) It also says love must be sincere. I hope we think about this and ask God to help us live this way.

I asked God about how to keep this commandment and he said it wasn’t that hard to do and that I was a branch on the vine, not the vine itself. Once you know how much God loves you, you produce love. Not hard, its natural, easy, automatic.  Thinking about how much God really loves you, how much hes forgiven you. It makes a harvest of love. The word says “we love him because he first loved us”. As a friend of mine says “easysauce”.

Remember in revelations it said if you were lukewarm that Jesus would throw you up? It makes him sick so to speak. God told me if I had thoughts or spirits that said God “sort of, kinda loved me” that I should throw them up as well. They should make ya sick , so to speak.  One look at Jesus hand should settle how much he loves us. ( he still has the holes in his hand)