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If a man has a servant explained

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There is a parable that Jesus tells right after the disciples ask him about getting more faith. He said if you had a servant that comes in from working in the field would you let him sit down and eat first or would you have him fix you supper first and then let him eat. The way I understand this is the servant is your faith. You must fix dinner for the master first then you can eat yourself. When you ask for something in faith you give glory to God when you don’t waver. Circumstances and current reality say your faith is in vain. Thoughts come that say it won’t work. But you hold firm to your faith and then the answer shows up. This is the way I have found faith to work and its for our benefit. God is wanting us to stay firm in faith till the answer comes, even in the face of opposition so that faith can be formed in our heart. This is the creative process that changes our heart from no faith to faithful. It brings glory to God. Thats why it says to count it all joy when you fall into various trials. God is making something. Also the joy of the lord is your strength. God made you dinner first through supplying the bread of life. We eat that bread and make him the dinner of standing firm in the face of opposition. We then enjoy the “fruits” of our labor of faith. Don’t let your faith rest until it has made you something to eat.