gods dinosaurs

This blog is about what God taught me. It will seem weird to most people. Its mostly for me to keep up with my notes. If your interested though read on. If you want to make angry weird comments go somewhere else. If you want to read some interesting stuff about God is working in the life of one man read on!



  1. Hello,

    Did you leave your message at my Meebo-messenger at ‘SomethingToThinkAbout’?
    If yes, thank you for your hint.
    Would you be interested in exchanging links?
    Please reply to my email address.

    Have a blessed day.


  2. Hi there bro,

    I came across your web blog as I was doing some research on God’s riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

    Just wanted to tell you how cool your articles are. Very encouraging and inspiring!

    Thanks for sharing what God has taught you.


  3. I loved your response about “prayer always fail” it was hilarious in a super-confident sort of way. I agree with you and what you said …it was just the way you said it…especially the part about getting a wife. I do not know really why God answers some prayers and not others …as He said “the rain falls on the good and bad alike'” (paraphrased) but I do know that my life is best when I surrender to God and prayer for no-thing but what God wishes. Of course I have wants but I am a terminal piece of carbon who compares almost as nothing with the Eternal and Infinite One. God knows my heart but I believe He wants me to understand what is truly right. He points me in the direction but I have to do the walking …He say “No” until I understand why and what I need to do to change that. He is my Father truly.

  4. Hello,

    I was searching for Bible topics, something that may encourage me and my church youth, and I can’t remember how, but I somehow found your site, and I just wanted to let you know that your articles really inspiring. I hope you continue you post them, for I will be a common reader.

  5. hey mate…

    was just wondering if you could fill me in on your understanding of the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit described in the gospels matthew, mark and luke. I am really concerned i may have committed it during a time of great stress in my life.

  6. This website is awesome. I haven’t had a chance to take a deeply close look at it, yet. But I would love to be involved. It didn’t take long for me to see that we have much in common in our pursuit of the COLOSSAL, BEAUTIFUL, AWE-INSPIRING GOD that is our FATHER, our love, and our only reason for existence. I am well on my journey with Him and find myself following His will and listening for His voice more adamantly and boldly everyday. I also find that I am deeply longing for more and more like minded Christ Followers. I am an artist and professional designer in search of ways God can use my talents to best serve Him. He is also showing me other ways in which he has blessed me. For He is the original Creator… Mastermind…Architect!!!! ….. Looking forward to fellowship!

  7. hi,
    I saw the foto of your tattoo in your hands. I really love it and I also had the idea to have one IN MY HANDS because god also has. but: how did it work? (washing your hands, healing, fading of the letters…? )


  8. I found your article on “God is love therefore.” You have brought many scriptures relating to love to our attention and I enjoyed that. I desperately want to love the way our Lord Jesus and our Apostle Paul loved… it’s clear that Paul was motivated by love. He cared about his congregation deeply and longed to see them and be with them. Most “so called Christians,” have no idea about love. Love I believe is the whole point of The gospel… God wants us to learn how to love him and each other. Please, if anyone can teach me how to love genuinely I will be most grateful. Thank you 😉

  9. Hi there. I dont know if you will see this message. I am a random stranger who googled ‘god found me a wife’.
    I am a man who very much wants the lord to find him a life partner and wanted to see if anyoe had given testemonies. I found your page on how u specificly asked god for a wife 10 years younger, blue eyes .etc
    I am blown away by how it seems God cares so much about the little details..
    With all my heart, i am going to do as you did, and pray with faith and believe that God will find me my wife soon! I will keep a list of Gods promises on my phone so when the devil comes knocking and trying to make me doubt, i can do as Jesus did in the desert and recite scripture! Ive never ever recieved anything from the Lord so specificly before. So i am going to make my request and not doubt at all and see what he will do with it.
    Thanku for ur blog, u have encouraged me to no end sir.

  10. Hi i just read your post about how u found ur wife. I found it by searching google for ‘god found me a wife’. I wanted to find a testemony on God doing a miricle in this area.
    I am a young man who is seeking God every day for a life partner. I am so encouraged by your faith and that god provided! It amazes me how specific he answered your prayer! 10 years younger, blue eyes .etc!
    With all my heart i am going to do what you did and pray and not doubt. And when i hear the devil telling me otherwise, i am going to recite encouraging scriptures on Gods promises! Thanku so much sir for your testemony. Ive always said to God, if he finds me the wife im asking him for, ill probably write a book about it to give him glory on specific answered prayer.

    Godbless you sir,

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