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let’s build something together

let’s build something together.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for.

Most everything in your heart gets there through faith. You give each word concept or idea a weight and then it stays or leaves. Jesus said “be carefull how you hear for the same measure that you hear will be measured back to you.” There are two spiritual values that really hammer in a thought. “speaking the TRUTH in LOVE we might grow up into him who is the head principality and power.

So you are building all the time. The word says that there will be a testing one day. Some will build with wood, hay and stubble and some gold, silver and precious gems.  All the works will go through the fire and then it says we will all have praise of God. So he will thank us for what makes it through. It says our God is a consuming fire. I believe the fire is truth in love. The holy spirit told me I needed to burn with love everyday so that I would do what is right and leave the trivial behind. The Bible says in first Corinthians 13 that without love my faith, efforts, and knowledge profits me nothing. Profits is whats left over after expenses. So if we are to build right we should build with truth in love. Each thought should be taken captive to Christ. Each thought is a nail, every act a timber in our house. Our heart is being formed. In a new living translation it says be careful how you think your life is made up by your thoughts.

The word of God is strong stuff. It has substance no matter what we do. Its enduring and lasts forever. We need tobuild with it.

The love of God is shed abroad in our heart through the holy Ghost. Its spiritual light.

While I was thinking of this I pictured a group of expert builders building a house in the dark.  It wouldn’t turn out well. Yet everyday we think, and do our stuff without love. It makes for a twisted building. In the message it says that a loveless world is a sightless world , and that only in the dark is there a danger of stumbling. So to get our house right we need to build in the light. The truth about who we are and where we are in history. Peter said prophecy is like a light shinning in a dark place and we would do well to pay attention to it until the morning star rises in our heart. I have a site with some nice pictures that can convince you of where we are in history at It says if we have the hope of Christs coming soon in our heart we will purify ourselves as he is pure. We will get busy doing what is important instead of just thinking of today.