A letter I received or how the Jedi found his princess.

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This is the letter I received. and underneath it my response.

Dear Blogger:
I am a 40 year old woman who was with a great guy for 4 years. We were engaged, and I thought we were happy. He suddenly came to me and told me that he wasn’t sure I am the “right” woman for him and that he needed “time and “space” to decide.
Yes, he has been talking to other girls, but claims they are “just friends.
She says they are “just friends” too, but I don’t think so..
But I have never known him to be a liar so I’m not sure.
I want so bad to be a wife, I am a good housekeeper, I cook, I have a decent job.
I feel like I have a lot to offer to a man. I have 2 beautiful kids who would love to have a step father.
I just don;t understand what happened with my fiance. He never even came to me and told me there was a problem :”(
I have prayed everyday that God will help him find his way home to me.
He is not a believer in God at all (he;s a very stubborn atheist) and I have prayed God would reveal himself to my ex-fiance.
I have prayed that God will mold me into a good wife for someone, but i am still alone. I am so ready to be a wife!
I really want for things to work out with my ex-fiance, because I love him so much, but I know i deserve better than what he did to me by just dumping me with no real explanation.
I honestly don;t know if God will bring him home to me or not, but one way or the other, I am so tired of being alone, I WANT to be a wife to a good man 😦
How come it seems all the good ones are taken already? 😦

My reply:
God the wisest being anywhere says not to be unevenly yoked. You have been praying for God to help you find a husband. Do you think God would jump over his advice about not being unevenly yoked and put you in a relationship with someone God recommends you don’t marry? God is not double minded.

If you are praying for God to help you then strap yourself in and keep your faith on. God sometimes has to drive us way around the neighborhood before he comes back to where he wants to go. Often as soon as you pray it looks like right away you are going further from your prayer answer. Not a problem if you have faith in God. It is a problem if you have all ready figured out how you want God to answer your prayer.

The word says we shall reap if we “faint” not. You got to keep your faith just like its already happened. If you decide Gods not going to do this or whatever excuse for unanswered prayer then you can kiss it good by.

Faith is the substance of things not seen. When your faith ends there is no “unseen” substance. Actually that’s not true, your faith in it NOT happening is the substance now. And you will reap that. The key to believing God is to know how much he loves you. to Go over and over how much he loves you and why. Get pictures of what hes done, make a list of why, review it everyday till your “root” develops. There is lots of evidence to this fact.

Then it says “we love him because he first loves us.” Now with the “root” that God loves you, you will love him. Then the Bible says “love believes all things”, and love never fails. Now thought love we have a strong confidence and love will endure all the doubts and will not fail.

You believe God for a husband and even if your left arm falls of the next day, keep believing. God may take that guy out of the picture quickly if hes not the one. It wont matter to you either way if your in faith. Your not driving this car. God is.

Does God love you? really really? if he spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all wont he with him freely give us all things. Yes he will, but through faith. Faith works though love.

By the way maybe the good ones are taken as you say, but That means that God didn’t care enough about you to arrange a good husband for you even though hes been around for all of eternity past, knows everyone, and can do anything he wants. Do you really believe that? Your unbelief is showing.

Lets fix that.

I know of a church member who is a grown man with a decent Job. This guy carries a toy light saber on his waist everywhere he goes. He really does. He dresses in Jedi robes sometimes in public or church. He prayed for a wife and right after wards he cleaned out his truck and put in a new seat cover on his old truck for his new wife he knew was coming. He cleaned up his house in expectation. He saved some money up for dates. He believed he had already received. He had faith.

Again, this guy wears a light saber! in public. all the time. what chances would you give him?

He was married to a girl in few short months after that. This girl was very pretty and a christian.

Is there hope for you? Ya there is hope for you. There is hope for even cat ladies and Jedi wanna Be’s if they have faith. If you don’t have faith then forget all about it.
“as your faith is so be it done unto you.”

Love when mixed with the word brings faith. “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word.”
“speaking the truth in love you might grow up into him.”
“thy word is truth”
“faith works through love”

I just have to say this again, he WEARS a light saber! all THE TIME! God got him hitched. Tell me hes not a miracle worker! This is close to the “red sea miracle” one with me.

(the “Jedi” is a great person by the way and I like him, its just in the worlds eyes someone like that might have had a few problems getting married.) “P

(remember knowing God loves you will grow your faith when mixed with the word, not how much you love God)

Look at some of these. http://www.lionofjudah1.org/Sermonetteshtml/Unevenly%20Yoked%20sermonette%20090603.htm
God may get your guy saved, but you be ready for whatever God brings.

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  1. Why Christians Shouldn’t Become Unevenly Yoked

    Eric Snow Sermonette 9-6-03 UCG Ann Arbor

    In Joshua Harris’ book I Kissed Dating Goodbye, he explained his not-so-good experiences with some shopping carts when he has gone grocery shopping. I’ll use his experience here, although I’m going to draw a different point than he did today. Have you ever gone grocery shopping, and got a bad cart? Maybe you got one that constantly squeaked as you pushed it. Or it had a defective handle in which the plastic handle moved back and forth or around the metal underneath. Or maybe it was simply hard to push since one or more of the casters would get stuck some as it or they turned. Perhaps the worst one is the “swerver,” which constantly wants to go to the side.

    Now imagine for the rest of your life you had to have a bad shopping cart EVERY time you went into (say) Farmer Jacks, Krogers, Meijers, Kmart, etc. Wouldn’t that be a constant minor trial? Would it drive you half nuts? I think my mother would be, especially since she hates grocery shopping anyway.

    But now there’s something much worse than this fictional trial, and that’s for someone to deliberately marry someone who is in constant disagreement with them on religion. Much like the itch that can’t be scratched, or the shopping cart with a mind of its own, a Christian married to a non-Christian will have a relationship that’s a constant source of conflict.

    S.P.S. Christians should never choose to be married to non-Christians. We should never be unevenly yoked with unbelievers.

    May say can tune out, go to sleep for next 15 minutes, since only theoretical issue, since already married, or older & widowed or divorced. But still may have children or grandchildren or friends this is a live issue for.

    Not about those called after being married. Just because UCG-IA won’t administratively punish for this doesn’t mean it’s spiritually good.

    II Cor. 6:14-18

    “heterozugoyntes,” refers to two of a different kind trying to work together, such as plowing with a donkey and ox together, which the Old Testament prohibits. Marvin Vincent, Vincent’s Word Studies, p. 324: “Unequally gives an ambiguous sense. It is not inequality, but difference in kind, as is shown by the succeeding words.” Cooperation is difficult because of the differences involved. In Gone With the Wind (p. 22), Gerald O’Hara, the father of Scarlett: “Only when like marries like can there be any happiness.”

    Constant friction involved when values fundamentally different. Christianity is a way of life, not just a couple hours each Saturday at church: How children will be raised? What TV and movies will you watch together? What music would you listen to? What will you eat if the husband or wife wants to eat pork or shrimp and you don’t? How will they act on the Sabbath around you when they don’t keep it but you think you should? What would you do when they want to put up a Christmas tree, paint eggs for Easter, or display lanterns on Halloween? Suppose the conflict turns on something even more fundamental, such as doing drugs, hanging out in bars constantly, smoking, heavy drinking, watching or reading pornography?

    I Kings 11:1-9

    Solomon corrupted by being unevenly yoked despite God had appeared to him twice even. This could happen to us, regardless of how spiritually strong we think we are. It’s much easier to compromise down than up. Could hope for conversion of mate, but it’s not likely. One case example.

    Gone with the Wind: Scarlett, thinking she could change Ashley Wilkes, “Oh Pa . . . if I married him, I’d change all that.” Gerald: “Oh, you would, would you now? . . . Then it’s little enough you are knowing of any man living, let alone Ashley. No wife has ever changed a husband one whit, and don’t you be forgetting that.” This is overly emphatic, but it states a basic truth nevertheless.

    SKIP? Tim LaHaye, as a pastor, counseling woman who wanted to marry unsaved man: “We have in our church 36 women and 4 men who are married to unsaved partners. I’ll give you their names and phone numbers, and you can call any of them and ask, ‘If you had to do it again, would you marry an unbeliever?’ Out of those 40 people, no one of them would answer yes.”

    Conclusion: We as Christians have been called to live a different way of life from the world. Christians who marry people in the world who insist on living the world’s ways are setting themselves up for constant conflict if they wish to live God’s way of life and their mate doesn’t. Much like the grocery shopper battling shopping cart with a mind of its own, a Christian who chooses to be unevenly yoked has chosen to be often unhappy. Let’s remember Gerald O’Hara’s general advice when we’re tempted to marry someone in the world: “Only when like marries like can there be any happiness.”

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