Examine the Lamb?

I was listening to a preacher speak about grace he said when the person in the old testament came ot see the priest , they examined the lamb he brought for flaws before they accepted the sacrifice.

They did not examine the man who brought the sacrifice.Its a forgone conclusion that he is a sinner.

When we come to God to be accepted we can never be accepted by God examining us, only by God examining the sacrifice that make us whole. God looks to Jesus to determine your righteousness.

Paul says you who are justified by the law have fallen from grace and made the sacrifice of Christ no effect.

We can only stand on the purity of the lamb and never on our performance. This is the heart of grace. This should provide peace when you accept it. The effect of righteousness is peace, and the work of righteousness quietness and assurance. Once you accept Jesus righteousness as your own you should feel the peace.

He keeps our heart quiet and at rest AS you trust in Christ Jesus.

AS=In direct relation to. In the same amount. Are you in need of peace? Examine the lamb. The source of your peace.


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