How to like what you don’t like, or dislike what you like.

I remember a few times when i was playing video games I felt like It was wrong and i had been playing to long. However, I could not seem to get my self to stop. Its kinda of a weird feeling, Like your being torn in two or hijacked. I remember learning that I could trust Jesus , right then. In the middle of my video game playing frenzy I trusted Jesus for help. In a few moments I started to want to quit. I “felt” like quitting. This is a big deal because this kind of thing Goes on all the time. It could be drugs, porn, video games, over sleeping, over eating, even being mean or just lazy. In each case this rule is true. God causes us always to triumph in Christ Jesus. In the midst of your sin you can trust Christ. His power gives you the ability to say no to what your flesh loves. It allows you to be kind to those that hate you. In short it allows you to obey God. Without this super power your doomed to keep doing what you like instead of what you should. I can be right in the middle of something I should not be doing and then start trusting Christ and become free to do what is right. This is the new law of the “spirit of life” it in “Christ Jesus”. The anointing breaks the yoke. You are yoked to what you like. Trusting Christ allows you to say no. Without Christ your a slave to what you want. The corruption that has come into the world has come through its “wants”. The message bible translation puts it this way, “the worlds wanting, and wanting, is on the way out, but those who do the will of God are set for eternity. Pretty big order though, to stop doing what you love, like or are compelled to do. Jesus is the answer, the way, the path, the life. You trust Christ and his yoke destroying power goes to work. The word say he that abides in me produces good fruit. (and he says without me you can’t do anything) So we see life then as a continual trusting in Christ. Its like a personality infusion. You trust him and do what is right instead of what you like. Its the only way out of self slavery. The way to make your heart do what it should instead of what it likes.


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