peace quietness meditation

how to have a quiet heart, You can demonstate this to yourself now.

the work of rightousness is peace and the effect of rightousness is quietness and confidence forever.

When  you put faith in THAT sacrifice your bill is paid. faith in anything else won’t work. There is no other way to pay this bill. Only Christ could pay, only faith in his work is accepted. Once you believe Christ paid the full debt, really believe it then you WILL experience peace.  One of the ways I do it is through meditation. I get a piece of the word that says “he that takes refuge in him will be freely pardoned.” and go over and over the same verse. This brings up anything contrary to this in my heart. I then give more weight to the word than I Give to any other reasoning. “be careful how you hear, with the same measure you hear will be measured back to you. Once you actually believe you are rightouss the peace WILL come. Then continue trusting christ. It says he will keep our hearts quiet and at rest as we trust in him.

heart of christ