Who is in control here? (why doesn’t God help me part 2)

You have a lot of control by your faith. if you have faith, then yep, get a promise and stand on it no matter what you see with your eyes, hear with your ears, feel, or think, and watch your problems melt. Your going to use your faith one way or another anyway. When you use Gods promises (based on faith in what Jesus has done) mix it with your faith then together you control your reality in the way he would like it to be. Gods words are the framework for 100% reality everywhere but here on earth he allows us some control based on what we believe. . Since we are in Gods image and class we are allowed to determine a great deal of our reality by  the same way he does. Words + belief = reality for the most part. There is a overall framework of reality that is immune to that but there is a vast amount that we determine, thought by thought (by adding belief to those thoughts.) If you truly believe you are a looser you will filter everything through that belief until it becomes a reality. If you believe your destined for success you will filter every thought through that and not allow set backs to derail you. You will eventually succeed. “a mans heart colors everything he sees” hears or feels”. what is in your heart became reality by your mixing  belief with it. We make reality inside ourselves by believing or disbelieving words. God makes reality by speaking word and believing them, even when they contradict what is currently there when he speaks them. “he calls those things that are non existent like they all ready existed”. We are the same sort of beings, made in his image and this is the way we all work even if you do not know it.   To get into this reality someone has to open the door by giving weight to his words. Then Gods reality comes to earth. Whatever door you open in heaven is opened on earth, whatever door you close in heaven is closed on earth. Gods promises + faith are the keys to open heavens reality here. God put men in charge of the planet and they can give up their reality to whatever spirits i.e. words they believe for the most part. “The one whom you yield to obey he will become your master.” Obey a urge from a spiritual power and you become their slave or servant. Believe a thought from a spiritual power and for the most part it will become your reality, even if its not really real, or Gods will for you. There are two spiritual forces working here that are both saying they are truth. One shouts and uses force, on is a still small voice that pushes involuntary obedience on no one. One “truth” is the one the majority of the world listens to and one “truth” is the one very few people ever find. God is a God (truth) who hides him self, but will let him self be found by anyone that seriously looks for him. If you brush him off when he speaks to you in his still small voice he won’t force himself on you, or make fun of you. the other “truth” is not like that.