Cosmos with Neil and some of the facts he is missing when he tries to make a logical argument.

Watching cosmos with the kids. He weaves in the theme that creationists are incorrect but he does so based incomplete knowledge of the bible. 
The assumption is that natural law is over any creator. This allows you to explain away a creator
However Natural law is subject to a creator. He is above it. We see this in the bible as Jesus walks on water, turns water into wine, feeds 5000 with a few scraps. In the old testament God stopped the sun and moon in the sky. This was recorded by all kinds of civilizations even the inca who reported it as as the long night. (Joshua 10:13)
Cosmos goes on to specifically say that light from distant objects took more than 6,500 years to get here and implies that the universe can not be that young. He is saying creationist say the universe is only 6,500 years old. I had two points about that. When God came to the earth it was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep. Something was here. How old was it? The bible does not say. The time between “let there be light” and him brooding over the deep is a unknown. My smart wife also had a point. When God created Adam was he fully formed or was he an infant? When he formed the universe was it an infant universe or a fully formed one? A fully formed one would have light where God wanted it. 
The point is saying God does not exists because the natural laws disprove it is a failed point if God is above natural law. If the God of the bible is actually God he is far, far, far above natural laws. He exists in all times at the same time and exists everywhere. He exists in all dimensions. He never had a beginning or an end. If one takes the position that the God of the bible is not actually God then the natural laws are all you have to reason with. Unless you have faith like a little child you will never see the kingdom of God. Give him the benefit of the doubt and reach out before you understand every single point and you will find God. He hides himself and you have to look for him. This way he stays out of reach of the proud. He is against the proud but gives grace to the humble. “surely thou art a God who hides himself” Isaiah 45-15 

The idea that they know how it all happened and evolution is a proven fact is presumptuous and not based on facts. Evolution is unproven and they make assumptions. If your trying to disprove the God of the bible while relying on natural laws for proofs means your not dealing with the God represented in the bible.

If your trying to disprove the God of the bible while relying on natural laws for your proofs means your not dealing with the God represented in the bible since the bible shows us he is above natural laws. If your going to use the bible in your work then know what it says. Neil has big gaps in his bible knowledge like the bible saying God came to the earth and it was without form and void and then he reordered it. Neil is saying that that was the time the 6.500 years started for all the universe when the bible says something was here at the start of that time period. 

This is never addressed. If time is slower relative to us when you go fast or are close to a gravitational source according to the theory of relativity. Ok so the big bang theory is true the universe started at a single point of near infinite mass and exploded at nearly light speed and is still moving. How is that effecting time? Speed and gravity effect it. God made the world in six days the sun rose and the sun set each day. How long was that day? (as if God is limited by how long the day is) Well to know how long the day was relative to us now, we have to know how close the earth was to the gravitational impact of the big bang and how fast we were traveling relative to the speed of light. If we are further away from the big bang and traveling slower then we we are experiencing time faster than our ancestors and faster than what the world was experiencing as God ordered it.
Its relative. God himself is out side of time and space and could take what we experience as ten trillion years and fit it into a day. I have never seen a evolutionist address relativity’s effects on time when debating a creationist about the six days The other idea that is erroneous is saying the bible claims that the earth is 6, years old. It was without form and void and there was the “deep” that existed. When he came to order it there was no telling how long it had existed as well as how long the universe existed.

In the way Neil reasons he takes facts and draws conclusions. How about Prophecy? It’s proven by the dead sea scrolls that the bible is very old. How did Daniel see all the nations that would rule the world in advance? How did the bible prophecy the scattering and regathering of the Jews? How did it tell us in advance that the jews would get their language back? If you know the scriptures and the date of the start of the babylonian captivity you can predict to the day that the Jews would take back Jerusalem and when Jesus would enter the city. How did that happen? How did the bible tell us that God enclosed the universe in dark clouds before dark matter was ever discovered? How did the bible predict that the babylonian empire would be taken over by the meads and persians and name the guy that would do it by name? There are some facts. If we go through them soon they add up and we know something is up with this bible. Something hidden and unusual.