Who is in control here? (why doesn’t God help me part 2)

You have a lot of control by your faith. if you have faith, then yep, get a promise and stand on it no matter what you see with your eyes, hear with your ears, feel, or think, and watch your problems melt. Your going to use your faith one way or another anyway. When you use Gods promises (based on faith in what Jesus has done) mix it with your faith then together you control your reality in the way he would like it to be. Gods words are the framework for 100% reality everywhere but here on earth he allows us some control based on what we believe. . Since we are in Gods image and class we are allowed to determine a great deal of our reality by  the same way he does. Words + belief = reality for the most part. There is a overall framework of reality that is immune to that but there is a vast amount that we determine, thought by thought (by adding belief to those thoughts.) If you truly believe you are a looser you will filter everything through that belief until it becomes a reality. If you believe your destined for success you will filter every thought through that and not allow set backs to derail you. You will eventually succeed. “a mans heart colors everything he sees” hears or feels”. what is in your heart became reality by your mixing  belief with it. We make reality inside ourselves by believing or disbelieving words. God makes reality by speaking word and believing them, even when they contradict what is currently there when he speaks them. “he calls those things that are non existent like they all ready existed”. We are the same sort of beings, made in his image and this is the way we all work even if you do not know it.   To get into this reality someone has to open the door by giving weight to his words. Then Gods reality comes to earth. Whatever door you open in heaven is opened on earth, whatever door you close in heaven is closed on earth. Gods promises + faith are the keys to open heavens reality here. God put men in charge of the planet and they can give up their reality to whatever spirits i.e. words they believe for the most part. “The one whom you yield to obey he will become your master.” Obey a urge from a spiritual power and you become their slave or servant. Believe a thought from a spiritual power and for the most part it will become your reality, even if its not really real, or Gods will for you. There are two spiritual forces working here that are both saying they are truth. One shouts and uses force, on is a still small voice that pushes involuntary obedience on no one. One “truth” is the one the majority of the world listens to and one “truth” is the one very few people ever find. God is a God (truth) who hides him self, but will let him self be found by anyone that seriously looks for him. If you brush him off when he speaks to you in his still small voice he won’t force himself on you, or make fun of you. the other “truth” is not like that.


Are you tired of political rantings? There is an secret effect mentioned by the bible not often talked about.

I prayed about it and I believe God gave me some wisdom about it. read on if you want to hear what i believe God taught me about it.


I am tired of the negative things posted too and I have been a part of the problem. I am not saying
they are wrong, just exhausting sometimes. I believe they are making a lot of us feel bad and not leading to a solution. Focusing on lawlessness has an effect. “Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.” matt 24:12

An outraged “Christ” -ian can not effect change as fast as a outraged “Christ” -ian exercising their faith.
If christians spent as much energy in prayer exercising faith for change as we have in exercising our outrage we would have change pretty quickly.


We christians should believe God for the change we want. When is the last time you prayed about your government or the bad changes we see in society? Paul said it was the thing to address “first of all” when you pray.  (1 tim 2:1, 2:2) Bullets and guns were secondary to faith when the United States created a new nation. “Unless God builds a house they labor in vain that build it”. In six days God beat all the enemies of Israel when they were attacked for creating their nation. God builds nations, not bullets. He works through the faith  doors we open for him to work with. Evil powers work the same way.
When the words of christians complaining outnumber the words of faith based prayer, no change occurs. The complaint can become just part of the process of causing more of bad changes we do not want. Faith opens doors both for good or for bad.
(If you don’t believe God answers prayer then the rest of this post is not for you, scroll on.)
I remember praying that if the Obama administration was really doing some of the bad things that all the scandals would come out one after another. I believed God to show me if “something was up” the news would broadcast multiple scandals and if not I would hear nothing about it. Right after that I heard about the IRS thing, and about 4 others right in a row. Did God answer my prayer? I believe he did. What just some guy out there could change what happened with the president? Silly you say? Would God do something like this for a normal person like me or you?
“Elijah was a man with a nature similar to ours, and he earnestly prayed that there might be no rain: and no rain fell on the land for three years and six months. James 5:17” This means YOU can effect change, not just gripe about the problem. YOU! Pray twice as much as you post and the world will change.
God’s superstars are not broadcasted on TV. The world doesn’t value them. Anyone with just a grain of faith is Gods heroes.
Am I nuts to think God answered my prayer? Unless you have “faith like a little child” your likely to say yes. I prayed the brickyard across from my house would be removed, in about two weeks it was. I believe we are in the kingdom of God right now, not later after we die. We exercise Christ like universe reigning authority now, by our faith. WE are fellow heirs. Part of him. We have his authority here.
It doesn’t matter what any other party or government wants if the government of Christ gets involved. You are that government. You are that political party. You open or close doors for evil or for good. You are part of christ and his designated authority on the earth. Whatever door you open on earth is open in heaven, Whatever door you close on earth is closed in heaven for good or evil. God gave the earth to man. Your beliefs open heavens ability to cause change here. (for good or bad)

Nothing can happen on earth unless its granted from heaven. (john 3:27) (for good or bad) Spiritual values and powers rule this world and men. (daniel 4:26) There are both good and evil principalities but THEY ALL HAVE TO HAVE A MAN LIKE YOU TO OPEN OR CLOSE THE DOORS FOR THEM. You are the legal authority here. God wants out faith to open doors for him to work. “to stand in the gap”. God needs your faith to act here, but so do evil powers. The fact that the powers or the heavens are limited to working through men is in many verses. Here is one.

“And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none. Ezekiel 22 30”
Since what you believe for opens or closes doors let me ask. Are you believing for Gods best here or resigned that its all hopeless? The father of our faith believed against all hope. (romans 4:18)  Your faith is working either way for good or for evil. Can you see why “taking EVERY thought captive” is so important? (1 COR 10:5)  An idle thought mixed with your belief is an open or closed door. Knowing this we see It’s important for the destructive powers that they force christians eyes toward “pharaohs army” rather than a “just a man man with a stick in his hand.” My point is we should pray much much more than we complain. In reality Christ owns everything and is above every authority and If your a believer you are the representatives of that authority on the earth. Christ governs the world though christians. We need to belive  God has “got this, he can handle it.  He just needs some faith to work with, someone to stand in the gap.
Where is your faith? What doors have you opened? Our hope is in heaven and he said when we see these things coming to “look up”. Where are you looking. Do the chariots of the pharaohs scare you? How many Chariot pictures have you posted? Are you scared?




Outrage has its place, fear does not.  Outrage should motivate our prayers not become a end in itself.
Have you forgotten about that little man over there with the stick?
It is christians that hold the nations destiny not powers that you see.
“if my people, who are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 chronicles 7:14

However I still expect to see lots of posts concerning the “current pharaohs chariots”. However let them motivate you to check out the regular guy holding a stick talking about deliverance and not destruction. Please consider this. You open the doors, open good ones.
Re post, share  if you agree so it will get around, we need hope more than ever now if just a few doors open to Gods power everything can change.  Sharing can make that happen.


Believing has benefits!

How to get your prayers answered instantly




Jesus says “when you pray believe that you HAVE all ready received it. If you have all ready received it there is no room for despair or worry because you have it. You believe Jesus words, trust him and you have it in your heart and consider it a done deal. You have received it by faith. You give Gods word and his work through Christ glory or weight by doing this. That Glory you have given God is the substance of your future answer. It is the seed. Confidence in God’s word is something God will support. However the thief and the “birds of the air” are coming to steal it, and they are coming for it right away.
If you have anxiety worry or despair it’s because you do not yet have it because you did not believe you received when you asked, or you doubted, or the devil gave you a good reason to believe that you didn’t have it and might not get it. Once the faith is gone there is no substance since “faith is the substance of things hoped for” No seed, no blade, no stalk, no corn. Your prayer answer was eaten by the birds when it was a seed

I often have taken things by faith and had the devil try to talk me out of it, I say well if I all ready have it its a done deal, the questioning part is over. My name is Tim, waters wet, fire is hot, and i all ready (past tense) received it. Too late Mr devil, done deal, done deal.

The devil wants your substance. Once he has it it is gone, stolen. You have taken the glory you gave to God and his work in Jesus Christ and given that glory or weight over to the devil. You moved your faith over to your doubt and out of the glory or weight you gave God. Since he meets our needs according to “his riches in glory through Christ Jesus” you need to keep the glory or weight in Christ Jesus.The devil is fighting you to transfer the glory to him through doubts and questioning.

We need to imitate God. Baby eagles soon fly and catch fish, Fish soon swim and breath underwater. Like father like son. Act like God does, imitate, imitate, imitate. Speak to the mountain. Speak to the fig tree. Speak to the disease.
“like dear children imitate your father in heaven”

“God who calls those things which are not as though they were.”

“this is the confidence we have in him, if we ask anything according to his will he hears us,”

(no GOOD thing will he withhold from them that walks uprightly)

( as in he that finds a wife/husband finds a GOOD thing- proverbs)

“and we know that if he hears us we HAVE the requests which we have made of him”

Remember when the disciples asked for more faith, Jesus told them the parable of the servant that comes in from the field. He said if you have your servant come in from the field do you say hey go eat, or do you have the person working for you, on the clock, fix you food first and then tell him he can eat.
The idea here is to give God glory first, then God will let you eat. When you plant the seed in the kingdom of God don’t go back and dig it up. Keep the weight on God completely don’t ever give any weight to the doubts. Don’t even question that you received it. You TAKE IT by faith. Give god more faith than you do united parcel service or the post office.