Closed loop prayer! There is no way out, trap your opposition.

1 john 5:14, 15 And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.

The word guarantees that if we pray anything that is GODS will he hears us, then it guarantees that IF he hears us we HAVE the answers to those prayers. Thats present tense, HAS. So you have it in your hands of faith. You may not see it in this physical world YET but hold on and let faith and patience do its thing. By keeping it in your faith hands and using the force of patience you will at some point see it in this physical world.

So we need to pray something that is absolutely without any doubt the “WILL OF GOD”

IT is in the bible. Any verse will do thats “the will of GOD.” Heres one.
King James Bible 3 john 1:2
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

So we pray. God I wish I wold prosper and be in health, and that my soul would really prosper.

So now we have it based on God’s word that this is “God will”, we prayed it so we know he heard it since it is God’s will. The word says he hears any prayer that we pray that is Gods will. The word tells us that if we know that he heard us we have the requests present tense. Every part of your senses or reasoning that says we don’t have it is wrong according to the word of the living God who makes reality change by his word alone. So then since we know that the word and God agree that is absolutely ours now without any doubt. Then everything that would come to us saying its not ours already is wrong and not from Gods kingdom but something that is contrary to Gods kingdom and word. WE then can resist that “symptom”, “reasoning’ or any part of “physical world” that is contrary to the fact that we already have what we have asked for. In this case it is HEALTH, PROSPERITY, AND SOUL PROSPERITY. SO its a closed loop. The only one who would argue with it is the devil and your supposed to resist the devil and give him no place.



  1. Helo,i’ve gone thru wat u’ve writen en it has inspired me alot.wel,wat am really asking for is a writen prayer that wil help me go abt praying for marriege.let me explain my situation 2 a zambian woman,i hav a baby with a certain man,we have’nt sat down 2 discus wats the way forward,but from the luk of things its not thinking of marrying me.its so bad for me that i dont feel lik geting married to any other guy rather than the father of ma baby.pliz i wil b glad if u cn explain on how i shud tackle this matter.God bles u

  2. Amen. These blogs are building up my confidence for sure. To God be the glory, I am grateful to The Lord for finding this site. I’ve copied and pasted the URL and sent it to many friends

  3. PRAYER REQUEST For Blessed Marriage between Jyoti & Bhaskar.Lots of Prayers are needed for Bhaskar & me Jyoti for permanently clearing & lifting off all blockages & hindrances between our marriage.For profuse cleansing from powerful blood of JESUS CHRIST on Bhaskar & me Jyoti,our parents,families,departed souls & upcoming souls of our families,our relatives & filling all of us with the immense power of Holy Spirit forever. Jesus please help & bless Bhaskar that his heart gets moved & he develops true love,trust & respect for me & agree for our marriage.Let his parents & my parents also agree & accept us as husband & wife. Humbly asking for Jesus healing hands upon both of us,our families & our marriage to be blessed & happen soon with miracles,blessed unity,growth & development deep trust,love,respect,honesty among us lasting throughout our life. Let we remain chaste till our marriage and have love & physical relation only with each other after our marriage throughout our life. Amen. Thankyou Lord.I love you & believe you. Please keep this intention in your daily prayers,prayer chains & groups for longer time & pray hard please.Need them a lot.May God bless you all forever. Amen!!!

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