Want real insight into Gods character?

Just a quick note on something God told me one time.

I asked him to tell me what he was like.

He told me that to understand him better that he wanted me to deeply think about this…

He said,

I made tickle spots on people on purpose,

now think about that.

Have you ever tickled a child? Did you know that the lord God of all time space and dimension, the one that hung on a cross to die for your sins, the one they made that impressive cathedral for?

He had to purposely design tickle spots when he designed man. That little giggle your kiddos make when they get tickled is designed.

What kind of mind designs tickle spots into humans? Think about that for very long while that will do you some good. Next time your getting too religious think about that.

Its fun to see the reaction in our minds when we think of this truth. This worlds dark and small ideas about who God is gleefully crashes in a heap upon this rock solid solid happy truth.

Its nice to see that kind of God playfully peeking out from behind the religious image of God the world creates in our mind. Watch how quickly the mind tries to go back to the old religious image but don’t let it, Make it obey the truth in this. Stare intently at the mind of deity revealed in the tickle me Elmo carefully designed into each of us. Soon you will see something real and wonderful.

(click on Elmo)

tickle me elmo


  1. Thats cool! I like ot hear stuff like that. Some people would think thats weird or not believe you. However Jesus said you had to have faith like a little child and that if someone loved him he would reveal himself to them. I know Jesus is a good father and what kind of father doesn’t tickle? HA!
    Once Jesus was teaching me about the annointing. They used to use thick annointing oil on livestocks nose to help them from the irritating flies. When he taught me about the Annointing my hand reached up and rubbed my nose then oddly enough it felt like it turned into someone elses hand. That was neat. Now sometimes when i am harrased by demons my hand will go to my nose and rub it of its own volition. Its a nice reminder that the annointing (trusting Christ) breaks the yoke.

  2. What I love about this is it is a reflection of how much of a father God really is to us. I love to hear my husband tickle my daughter, and he can get her tickle spots much better than I ever can!

    I don’t really get too religious – I have just never viewed God as someone who has a checklist to get into heaven and I trust that he knows my heart – even when I mess up! I have always just viewed him as a father and a teacher, so I know he loves me and expects me to make mistakes. However, I know that is something that a lot of my friends (and some of my family) stuggle with, so I will pass this along!

  3. I like this post. It reminds me of something God spoke to me one time when I was walking to the post office.

    I was looking at the dandelions all along the way that were growing in abundance in the lawns I passed. I was thinking as an adult, and picturing the endless battle some homeowners seem to have in a never ending war to remove these stubborn intruders from their lawns. I asked God, ” God why did you make dandelions?” To my surprise He responded and said, “I made them for the children.” It stopped me in my tracks as I thought of the endless pleasure I had enjoyed as a child picking dandelions, blowing the dried out seeds into the wind, etc . . . And I thought about the countless dandelion bouqets that have been presented to mothers – I’ve never looked at dandelions or God the same way since.

  4. Hey, just letting you know I love your blog and once I started reading I couldn’t stop. The story about praying for a wife really spoke to me and I’ve prayed a great prayer for my mother in such faith.
    So, thanks!
    Your faith is inspiring.

  5. I too have heard God speak things like this. I asked Him once, “God why do squirrels bury nuts and forget about them later.” He replied, “Isn’t it obvious…they’re my tree planters.” I never forgot that.

  6. This is so cool! I loved reading this as well as all the comments. LOL @ “Isn’t it obvious, they’re my tree planters.”

    I love our Dad! It’s funny because being tickled is pleasurable and painful at the same time, two words that often describe the process of getting to know God.

    The Word also says laugher is medicine! He’s so creative.

  7. i really love this tickle me story when i firstread it it made me cry ive now read it three times and i only found it today lol it makes me think of a playfull God that wants us to smile and enjoys us being in pleasure i wish someday for kids of my own with a wife il be thinking of this very story when im tickling my child and not just my child my wife also your never to old for tickles xx

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