See he is in your power…. Fear puts a hole in your wall

God said to the devil about job, “see he is in your power”. Job later said “the thing i have feared has come upon me.” So Job was under the devils power when he feared. When we give “weight” to what the devil says or the pictures he brings we give power to the devil. “be carefull how you hear with the same measure you give will be measured back to you”. “what ever you sow you reap”. From a evil mans heart evil comes to pass, from a good mans heart good comes to pass. So it is important to give little or no weight to what the devil says. Fear is faith in reverse and it will produce. The only bible way to stay out of fear is perfected love. “perfected love casts out fear. It says he that keeps God’s commandments in him is the love of God perfected. What commands? Well they are all summed up by “love the lord your God with all you heart mind soul and strength, and love others as you do yourself. It says someone who loves Gods laws that none of his steps shall slide. These steps are “faith” steps since the just shall WALK by faith. Love is the law that keeps you out of darkness. Love is light and lets you see truth correctly. Love keeps us out of the devils destructive power. In the story of job we see that the devil saw a hedge about job. In proverbs it says he that breaks down a hedge will be bit by a serpent. When Job broke down that hedge through fear the devil had a opening. Job gave the devil that power. When we trust God we are in God’s Power and the devil has no way in. If you even get the slightest fear you need to find out where your love is not perfected. Work quickly to fix the hedge of faith so no snakes will find there way in. Gods words mixed with faith will rebuild your wall. Words and faith, words and fear both are powerful.



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