to know solve the problemof good and evil

two men into one

one! oneness

It says that in the bible God made two men into one when he sent Christ.

By belief in the sacrifice of Christ the “power” of sin is defeated. This allows you to be free from its influence. Living in that spirit allows you to do the right thing. Sin is only empowered when it is a living thing. Faith in Jesus blood makes it dead, since Jesus paid for it. Once Jesus sacrifice is alive in you through faith, by just believing it, it makes sin dead in you. Sin is a spiritual thing, the law of the SPIRIT of life in Christ Jesus makes us free from the power of the law of sin and death. Trusting Jesus is the only righteousness there is. By faith his sacrifice is credited to you and stops sin from making you a spiritual idiot. When sin is operating in your life you can’t think right , just like Adam lost his mind after the fall and blamed eve and God in one sentence. Sin makes you a spiritual moron. Christs’ blood makes you think strait. Makes you sane. You can’t think right with sin active in your life.

Since the whole trouble with man was that knowledge of Good and evil The way to solve it would be to get rid of the knowledge of evil. If you got rid of that you would fix things to the way it was before the fall. Instead of a open door to fear, anger , guilt etc you would have a closed door. Faith in Jesus blood closes that door. We are to take every thought captive to the “knowledge” we have in Christ. This word knowledge in the Greek is where we get the word for sexual intercourse. It is oneness and a mating. The knowledge of evil is the same word. Jesus came in sinful flesh and his body met the punishment that sin brings. However since his body bore the punishment but was sinless we who have a sinful body can “get a divorce” from it by “marrying” Christ. Because in Christ The punishment for the body’s mis deeds have been paid. Faith is spiritual substance and when we have faith in what Christ did it becomes real in us. Just like the sin is real in us and exerts a power over us. Since we have obeyed sin we are then subject to it from then on. The bible says “the one you yield yourself to obey it will take you.” However belief in that blood sacrifice is the door into God and allows us to get a sin divorce. It puts out the fire. Then we can respond to God. Since our spirit is alive through righteousness and we can no longer produce it God gives us Jesus righteousness to sustain us. He’s the bread of life. Then he gives us right thoughts through his word that cleanse us from the wrong beliefs and thinking we got while being slaves of sin. Paul said he carried the death of Jesus with him always that the power of Jesus might be manifest. Its that death that makes two men into one and stops the confusion. The bible says the effect of righteousness is peace and quietness and assurance for ever. It says with the hart we believe unto righteousness. Without that belief it is not real inside us since faith is spiritual substance. If you meditate (chew the cud) on the words of God about our saviors sacrifice until it brings you peace you will be amazed. its called peace that passes understanding and it really works. As soon as your wrong ideas in your heart get changed into the right ideas by faith you experience that peace. It really works.Jesus said if you eye (in your heart) is evil (or dual) your whole body is filled with darkenss but if your eye is sound, solid (one eye) your whole body is full of light. The problem of the knowledge of good an evil is solved by starting here. see this sacrifice with a single eye. look at it only Gods way and no other. Don’t reason within yourself with your broken dual heart but with faith like a little child see it God’s way and only his way. When you do this peace comes. Standing only on Jesus righteousness brings two men into one and solves the problem created by “knowing” good and evil both. Now you only are in living union with good. You “know” good.

Strong’s Number: 1097 ginw�skw
Original Word Word Origin
ginw�skw a prolonged form of a primary verb
Transliterated Word Phonetic Spelling
Ginosko ghin-oce’-ko
Parts of Speech TDNT
Verb 1:689,119

  1. to learn to know, come to know, get a knowledge of perceive, feel
    1. to become known
  2. to know, understand, perceive, have knowledge of
    1. to understand
    2. to know
  3. Jewish idiom for sexual intercourse between a man and a woman
  4. to become acquainted with, to know
if thy eye offend thee