Where did God go?

This is a little post for when you think God has left you or you don’t feel his presence. I had one of those times and God told he to “take out the trash”. So I did and as I was walking outside God said “look up”. He said “where are the stars and the moon?”

It was overcast and the clouds blocked the stars and moon.

I said “they are there but behind the clouds”.

He said “I am still here too”.

I thought that was nice. On a scriptural basis not feeling Gods presence or wondering where he is usually always comes down to us not walking in love. We have become offended, or sinned, both are express exits from God’s presence. Also when you are offend and walk out of love you stumble in the dark and don’t know what your stumbling over according to 1 John. At those times I usually go over a few truths. Like that God loves me as much as he does Jesus. (he does you know according to the bible). I remember verses like, we love him because he first loved us, we have come to know and believe the love which God has for us, etc. Then I go over some kind and loving things God has done for me and then make sure I haven’t become offended with my neighbor. If I have I repent and start loving that person. There is a good book about how the devil traps us and gets us out of the love walk. Its called the bait of Satan. It will help you avoid about 80% of what the devil throws at you.


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