researching the meaning of the words that refer to women brought up interesting results.

When I researched the greek and hebrew word definitions in the concordance I found that the bible reveals women as equal to men, like two parts to one being. when the woman is referred to as a “helpmeet” for adam in genesis the word there means Someone who provides help in just the right way. A complementary helper, perfect for the need. The same word is used by king David to describe God in many verses. This theme is continued in the greek word definitions for women. While it is clear in the bible that Men are the head of the household it is also clear that God sees them as equal. This is clarified by the verse that says in christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, Male nor female. God is no respecter of persons. It also shows that in heaven there is no marriage. When I compare how the world and some of the church world sees women compared to my study of the greek word definitions it is clear that the world thinks of women in a way that is opposed to the definition the bible uses.  I can not personally understand the demeaning of women in religions, and societies, it makes no sense and in my view simply evil.


Someone on my blog was asking what I thought about gay marriage.

Someone on my blog was asking what I thought about gay marriage. I told them why would you care what I think. It doesn’t matter what I think cause I am never going to be your judge. You should try to learn what God thinks, He has preferences and they are different from mine.  The bible says you will find him if you seek him. He promises you have no need of man to teach you because his spirit will teach you all things. If you believe in God then you must believe he will be your judge. Frankly I really am not interested in anything going on in your private life,  my Job is to love you, respect you,  and leave the judging up to the judge. God says judge not lest thou be judged. I do not want to judge you. I do want to point you Christ, and he will work with you if you allow him to. 

What does it matter what your classmate thinks about your test answers if the teacher does the grading.

My favorite color is red. It’s a preference.
Is Gods favorite color red?
What is your favorite color?
If you painted my house all purple on the inside it would offend me. If you did that to the artist formerly known as Prince he might like that. 

God allows us to have different preferences. God has preferences, things he likes. Some things are offensive to God and his preferences. He is the engineer of all this. He is the final Judge.

Everything is Going to pass through the fire to test what it is made of.
That fire is God. (our God is a consuming fire)
That fire is love. (God is love)

Whatever comes out of the fire is profit. Remember all the religious and good things talked about in 1st corinthians 13 that do not profit because of a lack of love? There is a judgement day coming, and love is the judge. 

If God does or doesn’t like your lifestyle then talk to God about it, please leave me out of it. If your not willing to ask God for an answer should you then be asking me?

If your not interested in what God thinks about the matter, why are your interested in what I might think? If I am treating you bad, that would be different, but if I treat you with respect what problem do you have with me? Do you need my approval of your choices. If so you have a pretty big problem. Look into getting God’s approval not mine. That’s worth your time. 

A lot of time people are asking you your views on it so the can approve or disapprove of your views. I wont be there when you meet God. It’s not my concern. Don’t get mad at me if your mad at God for his preferences or happy with God for them. Direct your approval or disproval of God’s personal preferences to God. My approval of you one way or another doesn’t really mean much in the long haul. If it turns out your mad at God for whatever reason and you take it out on me then your just as bad as any bigot or bully. Gay people want to be respected and tolerated. I want the same. Don’t get mad at me for what the bible says or does not say. Take it up with him. I will treat you with respect no matter what. Jesus did that, he treated everyone with respect and the religious leaders were offended by it. If Jesus treated everyone, even the worst sinners with respect and dignity and I say I follow Christ, then shouldn’t I do the same?

New Living Translation
But when the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, “Why does your teacher eat with such scum?” Matthew 9:11

Luke 739 When the Pharisee who had invited him saw this, he said to himself, “If this man were a prophet, he would know who is touching him and what kind of woman she is—that she is a sinner.”

It’s really none of my business to judge anyones life choices in most all cases. Stealing, murder, stuff like that is something we should deal with as a society. If your in a church body then they should have standards they go by.

Your dating life is something I really do not think society as a whole should be messing with. 
What is law about it is up to voting booths and appointed judges. God’s the final Judge, so be concerned with that. 

That’s my view of it. My job is to take care of my choices and treat everyone with respect. It’s Gods job to sort everyone out and I really have enough to deal all ready with my own life with out judging what goes on in your bedroom. I really don’t want to judge everyone I meet, its exhausting and can only get me in trouble. All the gay bashing and such is really not Christian activity. It’s wrong. How did Jesus treat people everyone thought were terrible sinners? What is a Christ-ian to do?

Love believes the best about others. That’s a place of rest for me. It’s my place to be in this world, not in the place of judging everyone.  I don’t want to know really about your private life.

I don’t want to be put in the middle of something thats really between you and God. 

Where did God go?

Where did God go?

This is a little post for when you think God has left you or you don’t feel his presence. I had one of those times and God told he to “take out the trash”. So I did and as I was walking outside God said “look up”. He said “where are the stars and the moon?”

It was overcast and the clouds blocked the stars and moon. 

I said “they are there but behind the clouds”. 

He said “I am still here too”.

I thought that was nice. On a scriptural basis not feeling Gods presence or wondering where he is usually always comes down to us not walking in love. We have become offended, or sinned, both are express exits from God’s presence. Also when you are offend and walk out of love you stumble in the dark and don’t know what your stumbling over according to 1 john. At those times I usually go over a few truths. Like that God loves me as much as he does Jesus. (he does you know according to the bible). I remember verses like, we love him because he first loved us, we have come to know and believe the love which God has for us, etc. Then I go over some kind and loving things God has done for me and then make sure I haven’t become offended with my neighbor. If I have I repent and start loving that person. There is a good book about how the devil traps us and gets us out of the love walk. Its called the bait of Satan. It will help you avoid about 80% of what the devil throws at you.

Everyone will know when the tribulation ends and Jesus returns physically so why did Jesus say “no man knows the day”

daniel 9v24 newspaper headlineThe “no man knows the day or hour” event referred to by Jesus cannot be at the end of the 7 year tribulation because that exact day will be known.

Jesus returning to set up his kingdom on earth happens exactly seven years after the signing of a peace treaty with the ruler known as the ant-christ. The signing marks the beginning of the 7 year period. Jesus returns at the end of that 7 years. This is laid out in Daniels prophecy.

This shows when Jesus said “no man knows the day or hour” was not speaking of his returning physically at the end of the tribulation. The only option left is the rapture (meeting in the clouds). The one shall be taken, one left stuff.

Because in spite of suffering you have guarded My word,
I in turn will guard you from that hour of trial which is soon coming upon the whole world, to put to the test the inhabitants of the earth.
 Rev 3:10


All events in Jewish history time line can all be known to the exact day.

you can calculate exactly when Jesus would walk through the gates of Jerusalem before his crucifixion by using the date Babylon captured Jerusalem.

You can actually calculate the end of the six day war with those dates to the exact day.

Only with the church are the days not known. With Jerusalem and the Jewish people all the dates are known and can be calculated exactly.

“And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven”. (Luke 21:11)
And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; (Luke 21:25)
(32) Now learn a parable of the fig tree; (the fig tree is always Israel) When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: (33) So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. (34) Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. (Matthew 24:32-34)

“Know therefore and understand this: from the issuing (bud) of the report of recovering to rebuild Jerusalem until the time that the Messiah comes as Prince (or King) shall be 49 years.” (Daniel 9:25)

the recovery of Old Jerusalem on June 7, 1967 was the report Daniel was referring to, then the 49 years could be up in 2015 or 2016:

06/07/1967 + 49 Years x 360 Days = 09/23/2015 06/07/1967 + 49 Years x 365 Days = 2016



Who does God say that you are? Actually he says your a God. No, really!


I said, “You are gods. You are all sons of the Most High.

Who said that?
God himself said that…
Watch how quickly that is taken away from you. How quickly it tries to flee. Why? There is much spiritual opposition to you knowing who you actually are.

 The BIG birds come to eat that one, and with a lot of force.

It is hard for us to believe it. Many other voices deny it.

Yet it is God that says this is who you are.

God says this!  





The spirit that rules here is violently and forcefully against anyone touching that verse…. It is working against you knowing who you are. It tries to make you forget who God says you are and instead believe what the spirit of the air says you are. The traditional view of what we are is wrong!

To believe what God says you are makes you powerful. You are part of Gods family. His actual offspring. Your related to Adam the first man, and the scriptures say his father was God. The church in general won’t mention Psalms 82:6.
It is uncomfortable to bring it up. It would mean you are powerful.

Dictators hate competition. (the “God” this world ) But he is only temporarily in charge and is sitting in the seat God made for Adam and Adams descendants (i.e. you)


Dictators hate competition. ( the "God" this world )

Dictators hate competition. ( the “God” this world )

“those that accept the abundance once and the gift of righteousness will reign as kings in life” 
“seek ye first” kingdom = What God says is true, Gods rule and the righteousness God provides
“and God made them coverings. Christ is our covering. Jesus is our righteousness.

What would happen to you if you believed you are a God? Heresy? No it’s more like heresy to not believe it, since God himself says that is who you are. Then Jesus said the same thing later, referring to this verse. It is participating in Gods kingdom to believe what he says.

So do you refuse believe this?

If you were made in the image of a cat you would be a kitten.


If you were made in the image of a cat you would be a kitten.

Your not made in the image of a cat or after a cat’s likeness.

If you were made in an eagles likeness you would be classified as an Eagle.

If you were made in an eagles likeness you would be classified as an Eagle.

If you were made in an eagles likeness you would be classified as an Eagle.


You are made in the image of GOD. You are classified as a God,  you are made in his image and likeness.
God says thats what you are. Lots of others have different opinions.




You were made to rule reality SPIRITUALLY,  not the other way around. The material world should not call the shots
 You were given dominion over the earth not the opposite.

How does God change his reality?

He speaks, and he believes.

“he calls those things that are not as though they all ready presently exist.

Most of us work with the sweat of our brow first and then use our faith as a last resort.

God uses his faith first then goes to work.
He spoke words first. He gave the prophecy of Jesus first, then came physically in the form of Jesus and worked out his plan. His faith was used first.

We do the opposite.

The ways of the wicked he turns upside down.  God has now made us righteous. We can work with our faith first.

Since “the curse is reversed” we can now act like God acts. Use faith first, then work.

We need to pray and believe we receive it first.
If we do not start work with prayer it won’t last anyway.

 Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.

We can labor but we can not do it effectively without him.

“with out me ye can do nothing.”

We are the branch on the branch that grows out of the tree.

maxresdefault2 quote-human-government-the-embodied-effort-of-man-to-rule-the-world-without-god-ruled-over-by-the-david-lipscomb-247750

Can you pray for me requests, I will be happy to pray for you but read this first.

I am happy to pray for you you have a specific request? Also I have had people want me to pray for them. This has happened a lot. I wanted to you to know how ever hat your faith is still very important. God won’t cross over a door you have locked. It wouldn’t matter who prayed for you if you keep the door locked. We lock the door to God by doubt. We entertain two possibilities, in short we are wishy washy. We give weight to who God is one min and the next second we give weight to the “wind and waves.” Just like peter walking on the water. He noticed how tough the storm was and he sank. Every one knows you can’t walk on water if the storm is really really bad right?
Even Jesus can’t or won’t get passed a locked door. Remember Jesus went into one town and he sealed them all. How ever At another town “he could do no mighty work” because of their unbelief. So even Jesus himself can not help if someone is doubting.

The word says about doubting “let not that man think he will receive anything from the lord.” SO faith is being certain. A binary system. I have prayed for some people and they don’t get what there asking for and blame me. Some call me up and cuss at me, or write me nasty letters.

I prayed for God to show me what went wrong and he gave me the lesson above. If you have promises to stand on, and stand on them using love you won’t fail. Love never fails, and love believes all things and endures all things. Some people when they do not get a prayer answer get mad at God or get mad at me. Love is not touchy.

When we pray the test comes right after. The devil comes to steal the word. He comes as thoughts, reasonings and shows you the past to make his point. He tried to “lawyer” you out of it. He comes to “carl Segan” you out of it. However we are dealing with a God who can turn water into wine, and feed 5 thousand with a five dollar foot long. Reality and physics are no obstacle. He made reality and is above it. The only thing that is an obstacle for God is doubt. Reality was made of thought, Words and faith met and made reality. When you put faith in words they are powerful since you are created in the same image and likeness as God. Love is the only thing guaranteed to stand the test. Truth needs love to bolster it. “speaking the truth in love we might grow up into him.” Love is the only thing that guarantees a profit. You can have all faith an not have love and it won’t profit. 


Question to me:
But then it is written that God can do anything. Did you not believe God can give a woman of any age children? What about Sarah and Elizabeth? You, yourself, commented about a previous poster’s natural reasonings for believing she couldn’t have children in an earlier reply. I’m 48 and childless, and praying for natural conception of at least 2 or 3 children. Are you saying it’s not really possible? What do you actually believe on the matter of childbearing?


My Reply:
Well with God all things are possible. Sarah had a child when she was old. It doesn’t really matter what I believe about your problem really. I can pray for you sure. However it’s your own faith that matters. Even Jesus is limited by your individual faith. Jesus went into a town and the bible says he could do no mighty work there because of their unbelief. Jesus had the power to heal them but without their faith he could not get to them. Can God help? The bible says “now unto him that is able to do exceedingly above all that we ask or think, ACCORDING TO the POWER that works with in us. What power? I am not ashamed of the good news of Jesus Christ for it is the IT IS THE POWER OF GOD “to those that believe.” “the word of God came to many but it did not profit them having not been mixed with faith”. So can God help you? Yes he can do far beyond anything you ask or can think of. Will he? thats up to you. We are in a “glory” or “honor” economy with God. He that honors me I will honor, he says.

When Jesus healed the woman with the issue of blood he was not even aware of her until she used her faith and touched him. When he was being crowded by many people all around he exclaimed “who touched me”? The disciples were amazed he said that cause lots of people touched him. He turned to the woman and said “YOUR faith has made you whole”. It was Jesus power, but it was HER faith that accessed it. Every thing God does revolves around giving weight, glory, faith to his word. His word is Jesus in the flesh, but words on paper right in our homes. When you put weight on the word it becomes Gods power to work on your behalf. God created everything through his word mixed with faith. It is the fundamental building block of the universe.

When Jesus said he had given us the keys to the kingdom of heaven I believe he was talking about his word and more specifically God’s promises. Whatever door we open on earth is open in heaven. Whatever door we close on earth is closed in heaven. So we open or close the doors to heavens reality by believing the same thing God believes. We are in charge of the earth. His reality is all ready established in heaven, but not on the earth. Man has been given rule here. For the most part men believe whatever thought that comes to them. This means that they give over their authority to those thoughts.

The real question is what do you believe? Are the promises of God for you? The bible says all the promises “are yea and amen in Christ Jesus.” It says if we “eat his flesh and drink his blood” we are in him. That is if we actually partake of the righteousness given to us. “They that accept the abundance of grace (undeserved, unmerited favor) and the gift of righteousness shall reign as kings in life.” So we see a kingship, a rulership depending upon us accepting more grace than we need and the righteousness Jesus bought for us. So seeking righteousness is first thing. “Seek ye first” So are there any promises for you having children that you know of? They are your keys. You can open some doors with this promises by putting weight on them. When you do that the promises take the rightful place of “truth” in your heart. God is truth, so God, the real God then rules in your heart. “the kingdom of God is within you”. His word cleans us up, washes us, when we give it the weight of truth.
With God all things are possible but he put you in charge of earth. If you open the doors that God has all ready opened in heaven, that is his promises, then you will partake here on earth. You will bring the kingdom of God down here to earth.

However You will have a fight on your hands. Reality will tell you it won’t happen. There will be lots of thoughts that seem perfectly logical that say you will never have it. You can’t walk on water! impossible.
However with God we need to through logic out the window. Jesus walked on water, turned water into wine, raised the dead. He was above and not beneath, the head and not the tail. He was above physical reality. He was the master over it, not vice versa. “he did not reason by the sight of his eyes or by the hearing of the ears” he judged by righteous judgement. That was he believed what God said. His senses and experience could say something different than what God said. When he looked at water it looked wet, when he saw a dead person they looked dead. However God is above reality. Jesus believed God and he believed the truth about who he was. Like God He called those things that were not as though they all ready were. God is the being we are in the image of. If you were in the image of a cat, we would expect you to be able to catch mice. You are created in the image of God who calls those things that are not existing now as though they all ready existed. DO you believe you all ready have children? When you ask you believe you have received it, then you shall have it. Lots of things, realities, and past experiences say it won’t happen. They will fight you. However if you received it when you prayed, then you all ready have it. Jesus is saying if you keep that belief it will show up eventually. Like a seed you plant in the ground. It looks just like dirt for quite a while. If you stop believing your seed dies.

This all assumes you are in Christ and living free of sin by being animated and motivated by Christ. He is a spirit and if you obey him he will become your master. “know ye not ye are slaves to him that you yield yourself to obey”. If you obey Christ, then you are governed by him. If you obey your flesh you are obeying a spirit other than God. There is a new government operating right now and he rules through voluntary co operation, walking with him by faith, letting him lead. He does not force like the “other” spiritual government does. The “god” of this world pushes, urges, forces.
There are two “truths” in the world, one really true, one just pretending. One is the God of this world, one is the God of heaven.
About what I asked for. Yes it’s true I “reasoned” a woman ten years younger than me would be a good bet, but I was just using my human reasoning. It was my best guess. Did I make a mistake not asking for a woman 10 years my senior? Not really, it was personal preference. God allows exactly that. He said to me in his word “ask for whatsoever ye will”. I didn’t take a vote on it. I didn’t post what I wanted on the internet to see what everyone else thought was good for me. It was personal. I don’t really care what others think of what I want for dinner. Its none of their beeswax.
It was what “I willed”. Some people might have a problem with it, I don’t know. I believed I “HAD” received it when I asked. Not “I might get it someday”. Someday had passed, it was mine THAT day. If I kept it as real long enough then physical reality would get in line with my spiritual reality. All kinds of thoughts, reasonings etc tried to tell me it wouldn’t happen. I used the word of God to reply to them. Thoughts would say “your not good enough” I would reply “i am now the righteousness of God himself, in Christ Jesus. I am good enough because Jesus is my goodness. Then the thoughts would say, You don’t have enough faith. I would reply “even trusting is not from your self it to is the gift of God”. So God was the author of my faith. How could I not have enough. It went on and on like this. I just kept sticking to the word. It was my walls, my fortress. I asked God “why is this happening, why all the confusion and battle? God replied “because there is something there to steal”. (yes God talks today, see the post “my sheep hear my voice” if they hear, God speaks) After a while the thoughts stopped. My prayer was answered. I did the same thing when I prayed for the factory across from my house to go away. I would keep hearing see it is still there. I kept saying “no, its all ready gone.” They would say, “it will never happen” I would say it all ready happened. It’s a dirt pile, a empty dirt pile. The thoughts would call me nuts. My eyes disagreed. However I kept believing it had all ready been removed. I saw a dirt pile.
Two weeks later after the company worked night and day to remove it, I looked across the street at a empty dirt pile in the physical world.

The lesson is we believe like God does. We call those things that do not exist as though they all ready do. This way we become what we are supposed to be. The head and not the tail, above and not beneath. Reality takes orders from us, Gods offspring, not the other way around. Jesus walked on water, he didn’t sink. He was the master of reality. We are the children of God and we are told to imitate him like dear children. Jesus says “if he works hard he will be as his master”. This invites us to be like Jesus. Jesus says it is possible to be like him. Not conformed to this world.
SO My question to you about having children is “what do you believe?” much like the commercial I saw, “whats in your wallet?” Jesus has paid the total price to give you absolutely anything the bible promises you. It the doors we personally open (by belief) that make that promise a reality for us. No one can believe for you if you keep the door closed.
So “what’s in your wallet?”

Here is whats in my wallet.
I have a bunch of promised purchased by the blood of a actual God who loved me enough to die for me. I don’t actually deserve anything but doom, but I have a “you deserve it” credit card with an unlimited balance. I have the record of perfect obedience (not my own) given to me as a gift by the suffering of the living God. (the gift of righteousness) A gift! Free! Nothing I have personally earned. I am going to spend that on the earth by giving “weight” or “glory” to God. Yes that’s what is in all christians wallets.
My God shall supply all your needs ACCORDING TO his riches in glory (HOW MUCH WEIGHT) through Christ Jesus. I asked God what that meant and he told me to look up “glory”. It means weight, force, pressure. Supply=(Christ JESUS, sacrifice) X (weight of truth)

It is an ABUNDANCE of Grace! ITs free, Its a gift!

Defined as unmerited, unearned, favor-  and there is an abundance of it, more than you need, more than you could ever use! that is given as a GIFT and in no way earned.
A vast inexhaustible abundant sum with no limit!



faith in God’s word is an binary system.

“”faith is being certain, not being wishy washy”” I use that saying in almost every prayer. it is believing only one way. not two. Faith works only as a binary system, like a computer. 1, or zero.


“let your yes be yes and your no be no. Anything else comes from the evil one.” -Jesus

Gods word is set in heaven. His yes is yes, his no is no. It is one or zero. Anything else is different programing from another programer. God is truth. 

Any attempt at something between yes and no, steps outside the binary system and introduces error.


Hearing from God is an important thing to get right, HOW DO YOU KNOW IT’S GOD SPEAKING TO YOU?

(scriptures referenced are in linked to in blue)


Usually when someone says “Jesus take the wheel” it’s meant to help them through a rough patch in life.

But police say an Indiana woman took the phrase literally on July 11th, when she took her hands off the steering wheel as she was driving.

The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette reports 25-year-old Prionda Hill told authorities she let go of the wheel because “God told her he would take it from here.”

Unfortunately for Anthony Olivery, her car veered off the road and slammed into his motorcycle, throwing him to the ground. Then the car ran over him.

Hearing from God is a important thing to get right. If Jesus took the wheel you would see some awesome driving. It’s obvious this person was just imagining it or listening to the wrong sprit. 



Many step over love to beat you down with their “truth”. The “church” world is full of these types. While claiming to be speaking for God who is love himself they act in a way that shows they are not controlled by love. Your master is the spirit you obey. Love is not their master and it shows. God says a lot of people will be using their religious service as proof they are worthy. However God says he doesn’t know them. Those who do not love do not know God the bible says. Jesus says that the world will know you have been taught by Jesus because they will see your love for each other. A tree is known by it’s fruit. Many act out they claim to be acting on Gods instructions in good faith while ignoring loves instruction.

Truth from God needs to be manged by Love because GOD IS Love.

He does not “have” love he “is” love.
Any “truth” that does its work without being governed by Love is not God and is unprofitable. (1st cor 13)

Would love tell you to take this the kind of chance this driver did? Satan told Jesus “God says he will catch you so can safely jump off this building“.
Make sure what your instructions from “God” lines up with love and the written word both.
“What would love do?” is a good question to ask.
Love wouldn’t put you in risk like this driver was.
“there are many voices in the world”.
Their are many religious institutions run by religious spirits that are actually evil. They act like God but the actions of their followers never reflect loves values. They have a great sense of being right, while actually being very wrong. Most of these churches are characterized by strict rules and the exclusion and devaluation of others who do not obey their rules or believe what they do. This is because the strength of sin is in the law and they have to major in law. With out sin Satan can not kill. IF they make up rules and believe they should do them but don’t to them it is sin. They exclude and look down on others because love is absent. They have a form of religion and righteousness that is worthless in the eyes of love. 
Fallen Angels have had a long time to work on impersonating Gods voice to insert mayhem and strife. If they can get you to believe that they are the voice of truth they can cause a lot of trouble. This is why the bible says to test them. Thats why he give us his word. When God tests things he puts it through himself, who is a flaming fire, love himself. God is love, God is fire. We should use the word of God and the flame of love to test everything thing we think we hear from God. 
They can fake “truth, it may seem the right thing to do, but they can’t fake “love”. Always test what you hear from “God” using the written word managed by love. “It makes us mature. “speaking the truth in love we might grow up in to him”
Do the instructions you hear from God line up with love? This use of truth AND love in tandem makes Christians become mature where they are not tossed about by every wind and wave. It makes sure you have a “profitable” life. Your life will mean something when it’s examined.


Everyone’s life will be put through the fire and the wood hay and stubble will be burnt up.

THE gold, and precious gems won’t burn. The fire it will go through is Love. God is love. God is a consuming fire. They are one in the same. If its worth something to God it has to be done with love no matter how “right” you think your actions are. It has to be done with love no matter how truthful you think your truth is.

Gods (truth) instructions are hand in hand with the motivation of love. Love is the test. Love is the lens which allows us to see God’s word correctly. It allows us to get rid of the voice of the impostors who lay claim to being truth while having nothing to do with love. 


Finally A Simple answer! Does Jesus rapture Christians before the tribulation, or do christians go through the end times??

Some one asked me if we go through the tribulation or if the rapture happens and we avoid the wrath of God. Here is my reply and it makes sense, It came from a man who devoted much of his life to prophecy and had a uniquely Jewish perspective and its pretty simple. (for a welcome change)

Left Behind

Most people that do not believe in pre tribulation rapture say the second coming of Christ is at the END of the tribulation and that their is no rapture of the church before the wrath of God is pored out. People who believe this are called post tribulation  believers. This means that Christians stay on earth for the last seven years of Daniels 70 weeks. According to the book of Daniel the 70 weeks Israel’s history (70 periods of 7 years) stopped when the messiah was cut off. (but not for his own sake) after the 69th week (week of years, or 69 periods of seven years)  there a pause. The last 7 years is still to come.  That 7 years is also known as the great tribulation. This view says that the “we shall all be changed” and the meeting Christ in the air references are referring to the time when Jesus steps on the mount of olives physically, destroys the anti Christ and sets up his kingdom. It’s often called the second coming of Jesus. Lets look at that viewpoint for a moment examine it.

How do you determine when that last seven years starts? It starts when Israel signs the peace treaty with the anti-Christ. The angel visiting Daniel makes that clear. Most people that believe that there is no rapture believe Jesus comes at the end of the seven years. Revelations says he comes back and steps onto the earth. Jesus physically coming to earth is the signal that the seven years is over. So since the angel says its seven years between the signing of the treaty until Jesus comes to rule we can assume Jesus does come at the exact end of the seven years. We have a firm start, and finish to the seven years. OK then we can take seven years from the treaty signing, add the seven years and know to the exact day when Jesus comes again. Whoa there sparky? You mean that you can know the exact day if you know the date of  the signing? Wait a sec, Jesus said no one can know the day or the hour. That’s a problem. It doesn’t fit. As I see it this gives us three choices. One is that the angel that spoke to Daniel wasn’t really speaking of an exact 7 year period. But then again he says “blessed are they that wait the 1335 days”.

Lets read that.
“From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days.” Daniel 12:11
“Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1,335 days.” Daniel 12:12

Wow1 he even counts the days. So he says exactly to the day when the tribulation ends. So were looking at the next possibility. If Jesus coming marks the end of the tribulation (post tribulation view) then the end of the seven years can be predicted to the exact day! I do not think that was an accident that the angel mentions days here. I think its a hint, or clue from God, for a few people to take note of. It seems suspicious for angels to talk in terms of days instead of years. He could have just said at the end of the seven years.

The next possibility is Jesus really wasn’t telling the truth about no man knowing the day.



Ok whats the next possibility? The event of Jesus ending the 7 years by returning physically to earth and the event “no man knows the day or the hour” are not the same event. One can be predicted and marked in advance with total accuracy on a calendar (once the peace treaty date is known) and one can not be. One day can be known and another is a mystery. “behold I show you a mystery, we shall not all sleep, (be physically dead) but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.”

Does the bible ever indicate Christians can escape the “wrath to come?”

“Because you have kept My command to endure, I will also keep you from the hour of testing that is going to come over the whole world to test those who live on the earth.” There are a few more like this. (even in the old testament)

Be alert at all times. Pray so that you have the power to ESCAPE everything that is about to happen and to stand in front of the Son of Man.”

So only the date that can not be figured exactly in relationship to Jesus return is the pre-tribulation coming of Jesus in the air. For Jesus words about not “knowing the day or hour” there has to be a return of Jesus that can not be calculated. The verses describing this unknown day generally have a “taking away” or trans-formative  component with them. Verses like

I tell you, two will be seated on the same couch that night. The one will be taken, and the other will be left behind.

When it says one will be left behind indicates the one taken, and the one doing the taking are leaving the one not taken on the earth. If these two are leaving the earth the only place left to go is into heaven. This verse shows someone being taken off the earth and one being left on the earth.

Compare coming “like a thief in the night” with the return of Jesus at the end of the seven years. In one its stealthy.

In the second coming at the end of the 7 year tribulation the bible says their is an earthquake that levels every building. When Jesus touches the mount of olives it is ripped in two and water comes out and flows down the Jordan river and into the dead sea which becomes no longer dead. This is not the way a thief operates.

The exact day of end of the tribulation and second coming is easily calculated once the peace treaty is signed. This means a different event from the second coming is referenced. ,  is the only version that fits “not knowing the day.” Jesus speaking about “you don’t know when your master will return” and admonishing us to “watch” can not be referring to the end (post trib) or middle of the tribulation. (mid-trib) since they will be known.
So I can only logically believe that Jesus comes for us in the clouds, he meets us in the air, technically he never touches the earth. So he does not return to the earth for a second time yet. This mystery event does not end the seven year tribulation. He comes to meet Christians in the air and takes them to the marriage supper of the lamb.
Revelation shows this happy event happening in the midst describing the horrors of the tribulation period.  We see a horror contrasted with celebration. This indicates The events are happening in parallel.


The One will be taken, one left. I think this shows clearly he takes us away just before the trial that comes on the whole world.
I believe that the exact end of the 7 years he comes back to rule. I believe that day can be known. The fact that the angel gives the exact number of DAYS to wait means he is saying we can know that EXACT day of the second coming. Some people here on the earth during that wrath are going to be desperately counting the days till it’s finally over, and it will be a real comfort know the number is limited.

This snatching away or rapture doctrine matches up to ancient Jewish wedding tradition. Which goes like this:
The groom works on the house until the father says it’s ready. No one knows but the father when that day is, not even the son. Only the father can tell the son to go and get his bride.
When they father says the house is ready and everything is prepared he gives the word and the groom goes to get his bride like a thief in the night. He expects his bride to be packed up ready to go every single day. He has promised to come for her, but does not know when. Its a sign of love and respect that she waits for him faithfully every night, she has no way of knowing when he will show up. It shows her devotion and belief in her future husbands word to be expecting him. She does not know when he will come but she waits watching for him every night and is packed AND ready. She fixes herself up each night as if it is her honeymoon night. Shes bathed, smells good and looks pretty. She wears her best clothes. If she is not packed and ready it is a real insult to the groom. Remember the parable of the wise virgins who took the time to buy oil. They didn’t know when the groom would show up, so they were always ready. The foolish ones didn’t make any preparation by buying oil. The groom took the faithful ones and left the unfaithful ones since they were not ready and had neglected to keep up their means to light the way to travel to the groom. (thy word is a light unto my feet) The wise ones took care to make sure they had the means to see their way to the groom in the dark. They had taken the time to get the oil needed for their light source.



“Blessed are those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes. Truly, I say to you, he will dress himself for service and have them recline at table, and he will come and serve them.”

“Stay alert, then, because you do not know when the owner of the house will return–whether during evening, at midnight, when the rooster crows, or at dawn–” Mark 13:35

So Jesus says he is coming back at a time that will be a total surprise to his bride. The exact day of the end of the tribulation will be a surprise to no one who knows even a little bit about prophecy. So if the end of the seven year tribulation marked by Jesus physically setting his foot on the mount of olives. (the second coming) Then that day can not be the time Jesus spoke of when he said “no one knows that day or the hour, but the father only”. He must have been talking about a different day. The only thing I see fitting the surprise description is him coming to snatch us away. I believe he takes the Christians the says are not destined for wrath, out of the way of the wrath of God. I believe that in revelations where it shows Jesus coming back with his saints that the saints had to first go up with him before they could come back down with him. I believe Christians spend the seven years of tribulation in heaven.

The next event in the ancient Jewish tradition is that the bride and groom they go in the place he has prepared for her.

“And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.”

In the Jewish tradition the bride and groom live in the house he and the father built. They both live for about a year without really working. It’s a honeymoon Jewish style. The honeymoon of Christ is seven years long. It is called the marriage supper of the lamb. Can you imagine what kind of party God can put on? His very first miracle was making water into wine. God knows how to throw a party, and it’s pretty clear to everyone except maybe the (insert denomination here) that Jesus advocates having lots of wine at a wedding. Wow!

The rapture of the church is the only view that fits the “no man knows the day” scenario. Don’t let anyone tell you that Jesus will come for his church at the end of the seven year tribulation. That day can be known EXACTLY based on the signing of the treaty with the antichrist.

I asked Zola Levitt at a prophecy conference what was the one reason he believed in pretrib, not mid tribulation or post tribulation.  He had an open mike for question.
His one reason answer was because “it has to be a surprise”.
He said you can calculate to the exact day of the middle of the tribulation, and the exact end of the tribulation based on the date of the treaty. The only one that can be a surprise is the one BEFORE the treaty is signed. That’s pre tribulation. That’s a hope!

“Many will be purged, purified and refined, but the wicked will act wickedly; and none of the wicked will understand, but those who have insight will understand. Daniel 12:10

Heave or hell Your ChoiceChart-15-KPG

a greater truth than all your failures and faults…

a greater truth than all your failures and faults 

is that before you were even born

Jesus took personal responsibility for






God has all ready won the victory for you!
God has all ready personally taken the punishment for your all mistakes  before you were even born!!

(from the blog

Faith in what happened

to Jesus

before you even had a past

provides you 

total victory over your past

in the present.


Timothy Jordan (





You and I are the twice bought valuable living breathing masterpiece of a God.

Facebook said “what’s on your mind,” I thought about it deeply and this is what I thought. You asked for it Facebook so here goes.

Light, I can SEE!

Vibrating waves of energy entering my eyes, instantly, effortlessly understood by my grey and impossibly complex 3 pound computer – masterly engineered out of mere dirt and water!

It exists safely held in carefully artistically sculpted living bone that is then veiled in delicate skin.

My eyes! my hands! The world around me!

I exist as a miracle of intricate design set in contrast with the unfathomable formless nothingness of space that stretches unendingly in every direction.

I am a complex universe of design and function in contrast to that which has no function.

I am a masterwork of functioning living art, engineering and science expressed in fragile flesh and blood, dirt and water.

I am a something in an ocean of nothing.

A vibrant dot of life in a ocean of death.

I exist in nonexistence

A speck of meaning in the all encompassing meaningless all around me.

A speck of purpose in the absence purpose.

How ignorant that I consider consider anyone, including myself as common or ordinary, when my existence in this vast nothing as a “something” is an utter contradiction to the nothingness that exists all around me.

My every breath a masterwork of scientific understanding bending complex chemistry into life, into existence.

We are luminous artistic expression set in contrast to the incomprehensibly vast darkness.

We are master brushworks of living art placed upon a canvas of infinite nothingness.

We are supremely rare works of art lovingly crafted by a living spirit, the spirit of Love himself!

We are ALL so valuable we were each re-purchased individually by the most costly price,

The value he placed on each of us individually was the humiliation of the greatest.,

The value he placed on each of us individually was the punishment of one who was completely innocent,

The value he placed on each of us individually was the blood of a king.

The value he placed on each of us individually was the suffering of a God.

We are stunningly unaware that we are the deeply, deeply, deeply thought out, valuable masterpiece of a God.

“We are God’s workmanship”

We are the poem (POIEMA) (masterpiece of artistic expression) (artwork) of God.

This God with infinite knowledge had a infinite time to think about how to design you.

You and I are the twice bought valuable living breathing masterpiece of a God.

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous–how well I know it.



If someone spray painted obscenities all over VanGoghs “starry starry night” masterpiece to try to devalue it would still be a masterpiece under the devaluating vandalism. Our world and our lives are all like that. A defaced masterpiece.  Deep beneath it’s still a masterpiece. If someone could remove the spray paint it would be a valuable masterpiece again.

VanGoghs mother thought so little of his work that she used his paintings to line chicken coops. How many masterpieces were turned into chicken crap we will never know. His brother saw value and thankfully rescued what he could.


How many lives are like that. Because no one saw the value of those paintings they were just used to crap on. They didn’t know the value. They didn’t know they were made by a painting genius. Today even a half hearted VanGogh scribble would be near priceless. The most (confirmed) expensive van Gogh was “Portrait of Doctor Gachet” (1890) sold for $82.5 million at Christie’s New York way back in May 1990. Many paintings however, maybe even more valuable were just crapped on and trashed.
Every one knows the value of VanGoghs work now, not so back then. Only one really knows our true value. Beneath the spray paint or chicken crap on your life there is a masterpiece. Made by the greatest artist to ever exist. God knows it’s value even though its been vandalized. He stepped up to pay its true price even while it was spray painted. He knows it’s a masterpiece underneath and he knows how to remove the damage.

Confidence in Jesus begins the process of removing the vandalism done to our souls.

Continued faith in him allows him to clean all the damage. “as is you faith so be it done unto you.”
Without the connection of faith in jesus however there is no way for him to help. “without faith it is impossible to receive anything from God.” Faith in what God says is real makes it become real in your life as well. His kingdom and your kingdom merge. Without that faith in Jesus he has no way to reach you. He put you in charge of opening and closing doors and they open or close by your faith not his. Your in charge of earth, he is in charge of heaven. He has opened a door in heaven. Faith Jesus is that door. He is the door to the sheep. He is the way. The legal, approved way into Gods reality starts and is finished by faith in Jesus sacrifice. Faith placed in Gods word is faith in Jesus because Jesus is God’s word. Each piece of Gods word is an open door. When believed in your heart it merges God’s reality with yours.

The true value is the price that was paid by someone who knows the true value of the work.

We are ALL so valuable we were each re-purchased individually by the most costly price,

The value he placed on each of us individually was the humiliation of the greatest.,

The value he placed on each of us individually was the punishment of one who was completely innocent,

The value he placed on each of us individually was the blood of a king.

The value he placed on each of us individually was the suffering of a God.

We are stunningly unaware that we are the deeply, deeply, deeply thought out, valuable masterpiece of a God.

“We are God’s workmanship”

We are the poem (POIEMA) (masterpiece of artistic expression) (artwork) of God.

This God with infinite knowledge had a infinite time to think about how to design you.

You and I are the twice bought valuable living breathing masterpiece of a God.

do you believe Jesus was born in Bethlehem?

Do you believe Jesus was actually born in Bethlehem?
If you believe in the first,
the second is just as sure.
for every 1 promise of the first coming of Christ there are 8 promises of the second coming of Christ.
Is it your hope?
“he that has this hope in himself purifies himself as he is pure.”
Where is your hope placed today?
is it set on the earth?
“In the world you will have troubles,
in me you will have peace” Jesus
Is your heart troubled?
Is your heart peaceful?
Is it pure?
where your treasure is so your heart will be also..