What day will Jesus return? If your alive in the tribulation you can know the exact date and mark it on your calendar.

There is a disturbing movement I see. There are groups of christians thinking that Jesus is coming sept 21st or the 22nd or the 23rd. Some are doing it because of the revelation sept 23rd sign or because of complicated math and spans of 7 or anniversaries of past dates. This is a dangerous trend. Trusting Christs words when it comes to doctrine or salvation is good. However some people trusting the words of Jesus say they can know the day or the hour when Jesus said “no man knows”. He specifically said the we would not know when our master returns.

Seasonal signs:

Remember the 4 blood moons falling on the 4 Jewish holy days? Or the big eclipse? I believe that these are seasonal signs like the leaves falling is a sign of the fall season. Saying that a certain sign or number sequence means you can know the exact date is against Christs specific words. He said he would come at a time we think not. Seeing these signs as a seasonal sign is the way to have no problems. Jesus said You know not what day your master will return. He did get upset that the pharisees did not recognize the season they were living in. If you say you know the day you are mistaken and Jesus himself says you are mistaken. Believing in a certain day can leave you disillusioned hurt and despondent. Jesus told you not to believe you will know the date when he will return in secret for his disciples. On Jesus return to the earth to reign however the angel in Daniel tells people how many days to wait after the stopping of the daily sacrifice. The return of Jesus to rule the earth with all his saints is seven years from the start of the 7 year tribulation. The 7 year tribulation starts the day of the seven year peace treaty between Israel and the anti-christ. Anyone can know the day of Jesus return to the earth to rule. The angel gives us how many days to wait. However you can NOT know the secret date Jesus returns for his own to keep us from the trial that comes to test the whole world.

Anyone alive in the tribulation that has passed have passed the marking dates the bible gives us can figure out the exact day Jesus steps on the earth at the end of the seven years. The bible teaches an unknowable date that is a catching away of Christs people IN THE CLOUDS. It also teaches in the book of Daniel a return date of Jesus you can mark on your calendar if you know the other dates it points out. In order to reconcile Jesus words and the book of Daniel there has to be a secret date and a date men in the tribulation can mark on their calendars.

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