Pre Trib, Mid Trib, Post trib? Here is the answer:

Common sense: Daniel says Jesus comes at the end of the 7 year tribulation. Every eye will see him, he comes with all his saints. The tribulation starts with the signing of the Israel / antichrist peace treaty and ends 7 years later. Also the angel tells us how long to wait until Jesus steps on the earth. He gives us the exact amount of days after the stopping of the sacrifice. So two markers make the last date of the tribulation known to anyone in it. Jesus comes and steps on the earth on a day anyone (in the tribulation) can circle on thier calendar. If he comes as a thief on a day no one can know not even him – then how is he to come in secret if its marked on a calendar. . The soulution comes when you realize the diciples said “when will you return for us”. To that Jesus said it was a secret. However when will he step foot on the earth? A day anyone can calculate to the exact day. A angel in daniel even gives the exact amount of days to give people hope. The only way to make this all fit is a secret day that is a suprise where he comes in the clouds for those trusting him. Then another day that is no secret where he steps on the earth and rules. He said he would keep us from the trial that would come to “test the whole world”. Like noah in the ark. Like lot escaping sodom. There are many examples but God takes the righteous out. Common sense, think it through. There can not be a day you can circle on a calendar and a secret suprise day and be only one return. One is in the clouds and one is where he steps on the earth. This lines up with ancient jewish wedding tradition. (share if you agree) This hope will purify you the bible says, but if your not sure how can you have hope.

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