Waiting to see if your prayer gets answered means you never really prayed the right way in the first place. 

I prayed to get something My brother clint would really like for his birthday. I went in to a thrift store and saw a clay glazed marshall pottery cup that seemed to have a sort of special glow. I turned the cup to examine it and it had my brothers name “clint” written on it in blue. It was 0.78 cents. I bought it, but later thought there was no way he would like this cup really. I thought maybe my prayer wasn’t answered- Which for me is not normal. Anyway I sent a picture of the cup and the other items. My brother exclaimed he had had a cup like it he loved. Then he broke it and his friend Dean had made a special effort to replace that one for his birthday. He broke that cup as well. He was really happy to see the cup I had bought for him and said “how did you know”. The point is to keep your faith, receive it WHEN you pray like Jesus taught. That is a “righteous judgement”, to believe you all ready have it WHEN YOU pray means you wont be waiting to see if your prayer will be answered. Faith is certainty, not being wishy washy. we should not turn loose of what God and you have created by faith together. When you are not certain your not in faith. By judging it not all ready done your not actually praying. Thats not recieving ot when you prayed.

Waiting to see if your prayer was answered means you never really prayed right in the first place. 

Being confident you got it “when you prayed” means never having to “wait and see” if your going to get it, because you received it when you prayed.


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