Hidden meaning in a word? The heavens declare the glory (weight) of God…

Psalms 147:4 He counts the stars and assigns each a name.” In one translation it is nicknames or “pet names”.
HE is calling each individual star a “name.” He is saying they are something.
The Strong’s concordance number for this word “names” in Psalms 147:4 is H8034-
In looking up the definitions of H8034-
I found in this word is related to Shem as in shem the son of Noah.
I then googled the meaning of the name “Shem” in Hebrew. -then found.
“The same as H8034; (name) name; Shem, a son of Noah (often including his posterity): – Sem, Shem.Shem, a son of Noah. ” So in looking up the meaning of shem I found:
—-The word Shem means “glory” and “fame”. This relates to “Glory” or “fame” as in “the heavens (stars) declare the “glory” (the Shem) of God.” or it might be said the heavens declare the “fame” of God. It might be thought of as God saying the stars are related to his fame or glory. He is naming them, telling us what they are.
He is calling them something.


When God calls a thing a name it is significant, as when he changed Abraham’s name to reflect his being “the father of many nations.”

This is why I was wondering what the word translated “names” meant in the Hebrew.

In the translation of Revelation 19:16
you can see the word “shem” used like this:

“And on his robe and on his thigh He has His SHEM written:

Jesus has his “fame” or “shem” (who he is, his glory) written on his thigh.

God has his glory or fame (shem) declared in the heavens (the stars.)
God’s fame (or shem) is declared by the stars.

He is calling them names-
names means “fame” or “glory” -his shem.
Does this make any sense?



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