ideology=skin color? (is it OK to hate people who believe differently than you do?)

Differences come for the most part because of the data we have seen in our life and believed or disbelieved. If I had the same data you had received I would likely have the same beliefs and views you do and vice versa. Just because people believe differently doesn’t necessarily mean they are a moron, or evil. The idea that if you are not like me (in beliefs, views, skin color, hair color, bank accounts) is the basis of prejudice. I believe that anyone who thinks that everyone should be the same way is as bad as a Klansman, Hitler or anyone else like that. God lets everyone have freedom, love does not demand its own way. God colors the world with diversity. 
Who wants all the people to have the same beliefs and political views? Tyrants do, like Hitler, chairman mao, those guys.


If I find myself hating people because they vote for Hillary or Trump, then I am taking a step towards being a tyrant. I hate them because they are not like me. this is the basis of racism. Just because I make my determination of a person because of their political views instead of skin color does not make me any less prejudice. They are not like me so I hate them. In this case you are just trading the basis of hate from skin color to ideology.

Hitler would burn all the books that did not fit his ideology and killed millions because they were not his “chosen” race. The idea was to get rid of every race not like his own, and to get rid of all the ideas that were not like his. He believed his ideals and his race was superior and all he wanted to get rid of everything not like him.

Illustration by Gabriel Ivan Orendain-Necochea / Senior Illustrator

It’s really important to love everyone and let them believe what they want. God allows it, why wont you? I did not believe the same things now as I did 10 years ago. We are all in transition and change. To not like people because they do not share your beliefs, customs, political views or skin color is going toward evil and away from love This is easily seen when it comes to skin color, but a little harder to see when its political views. To hate or dislike someone because they do not think like you is similar to not accepting someone because of their skin color or nationality. That is my take on it, vote for Gary Johnson , Hillary, Trump or what ever, Personal freedom is the American idea.
Believe in God, Allah, Buddha or the spaghetti monster, Be rich, poor, be whatever color skin. Be diverse, have different views. Whatever people believe Christians owe all people love.


Having individual freedom is the heart of democracy and the American ideal just as no freedom, and conformity is the ideal of societies run by tyrants and dictators.



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