so I replaced a fuel pump about a year ago. I pulled up to a light at the Whataburger in Marshal. The Chevy suburban died right then. I knew I had gas in the tank, or I thought I did. Well my two oldest kids were with me and we pushed the car off the road right in front of the Whataburger by the mall. My kids go to school right next to the restaurant, and I was taking them back to school. So its good I broke down so close to school. They walk the one min walk back and are not late. I wonder if I could be out of gas and the gage is wrong. I decide to walk a mile to get a gas can and gas. I walk back and put the gas in the tank but it wont start. I pray and ask that God would make it known to me what is wrong with the truck, Right then a nice gentleman pulls over. It turns out he is one of the senior mechanics at the local ]Chevy dealership and has worked on Chevys for about 30 years. He has owned mostly suburbans himself. He helps me diagnose the problem. It is the fuel pump. I had just prayed for Gods help to diagnose the problem and a min later possibly the most qualified person in a 200 mile radius or more stopped and diagnosed it. Coincidence? Wait, there is more!. So I bought the fuel pump at Autozone. its covered under lifetime warranty. My wonderful friend and neighbor Patsy Raska helps me out by giving my kids a ride home and lets me use her car to get the fuel pump. I have my 18 year old son come with me to help. I put the pump in and as I am about to start the car, I pray that if I didn’t install it right that God will send me some help. I try to start the car, it doesn’t start. Just then Gary, pulls up to me and says “having trouble?”. Gary has spent most of his working life as a mechanic and has helped two other times I have prayed for help. He helps me track down the wiring and we find a dead wire. He had a circuit tester and the tools and knowledge I did not have. I had just prayed about this. Coincidence? Wait there is more. I then get the car started thanks to Gary. I am driving home with my son Ben and I tell him he saw God at work. I tell him the verse that says “surley thou art a God who hides himself”-Isiah,
then the one about moses, “seeing him who is unseen Moses braved the Pharaohs wrath.”
I explain to him that because moses was sure God was with him, by the things moses experienced. He was brave because he knew God was real. I tell Ben the verse, “it is the GLORY of God to hide or conceal a matter but the GLORY of kings to find it out”. Then I tell him the bible says that God has made us “kings and Priests”. I tell him God is playing hide and seek, but when you “SEE” him it’s quite a amazing thing since if God wants to play hide and seek you can bet he is good at it. So then as we are driving home we see the car in front of us, it has a vanity plate that says “HS GLORY”. Ben laughs.
___ this kind of thing happens to me several times a week, sometimes several times a day. No joke. —-
“I see knowledge of him in every place” – King David—
I tell Ben, well you saw God today, isn’t that amazing,
I read a quote attributed to Einstein. “coincidence is the disguise of God”. I know many people do not believe in God, but I see him all the time. He is always moving in my life, I am always talking to him, and he answers my questions. Like I asked him why a lot of other people never see him. I know why. I can tell you if your interested. God is the best thing about my life and he is worth playing hide and seek with, He will let you find him if you play.


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