No clothes?

I saw the political news, looked at my sons Ben and David and wondered what kind of country this has become, then I wrote this, it’s a little corny maybe but it’s from my heart. You may or may not like it.
It used to be the “emperor had no clothes”
but the intimidated public were all supposed to pretend that the emperor DID have clothes, only a stupid person couldn’t see the clothes, so we the public all went along. 
Now the emperors are finely clothed,
their wives wear $35,000 dresses and go to parties we pay for as a people but
they have no integrity to clothe them,
they write laws and exempt themselves,
they lie and get away with it,
they break laws without being jailed,
they start wars based on lies, thousands die, billions spent, an innocent mistake, I am not responsible they say
They then don’t guard the place we paid for with our young men’s lives and billions of dollars that we had to borrow, and now our paid for weapons of war are used by a more vicious enemy
they spy on anyone they want to
They use their governmental positions to crush political parties they don’t agree with
Then they “lose” the evidence of their crimes
they even have all the kings horses and all the kings men be allowed to take away mens lives and then justify it.
They then use the death of a man as leverage to stay in power
If you will only make me the emperor I will fix it, they promise.
Then another man kills people because they have different skin and our emperors make a political football out of that too
Put me in power because life matters they say
Were all supposed to pretend we don’t see they are naked and acting immoraly.
We have to pretend or the free stuff might stop
If we point out our choice of emperor is naked it will make us look bad
so we stay silent
Our emperors assure us they have the finest covering of morality and virtue. it’s clearly evident, unless you’re a moron, a bigot, or a racist! they say.
and as evidence to their virtue they point out that “all evidence to the contrary” was on a “crashed” hard drive
So that is the proof they are moral. the proof is that there is no longer any proof
We pretend we don’t see they are naked
as we hold up printed cards with their names on it!
We are excited about all the promises the professional class of liars are making us, we are hopeful, that this time they will not lie.
We ignore OUR favorite emperors nakedness and point
out the other guys choice for emperor is naked, why can’t you see they are naked, we are so offended!
I will move out of the country if your choice is elected! we scream.
Then we call the other guy who doesn’t like our choice for new emperor a “moron”, or “Bigot,” Or “racist,” they are so-evil, we think.
The truth is we all are the morons,
We the people are the bigots
We the people are the racists.
We the people the ones in the wrong
We the people are naked
We the people
Without Love we the people have no clothes
We the people can all tell ourselves were dressed up in virtue
But without Love –
We the people are as naked as our emperors
Choosing a new emperor wont change a thing.
Until we –
We the people are all ruled by love, kindness, compassion, virtue, integrity
Choosing a new emperor wont change a thing.
Because you will still rule you, and I still rule me.
“it’s the economy stupid” is stupid
“its our hearts”
I think we can all see what “we the people” are really wearing
Quote From the book of Revelations
“you said that you are rich, and, ‘I have prospered, and I lack nothing’, and you do not know that you are sick and wretched and poor and naked,” -Jesus The Anointed One

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