What is truth?

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Now a days, its hard to believe anything. Photoshop, biased news, spin doctors,

it’s a sea of lies.

I tell my kids I have seen a lot, I know a little, but the truest, truth-iest, truth I know for surely sure is true is just this.

“Jesus is EXACTLY who he claimed to be”

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That is for me the most shocking fact I have ever learned and it still rings my whole being like a bell that has been sharply struck.

That one truth, is so provocative, and largely unknown, explosive in its implications and applications to everything and everyone.


The world at large will not believe it, they will find out one day sadly. All other ideas will melt like candle wax leaving this one truth Un-melted.  It is the most important fact anyone on earth could ever know. This is the one question you need to be certain one way or the other about. Don’t just guess, or take someones word for it.

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It is cleverly hidden, ESPECIALLY from the proud.

isaiah 45 hidden

God is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble. Some of you might know its true now. Some of you just scoff and relegate it to fairytales and delusion.

You think only the simple-minded, Child-like people believe that kind of thing.  You are right. If you’re scoffing now, I can promise you wont be later.

images (9)raiders-of-the-lost-ark

‘Behold, scorners, and marvel and be destroyed, for I will do a work in your days, which you will not believe even if a man reports it to you.’ 

It is the most truth-iest truth I have ever discovered. You should settle that one question, looking at both sides and without pre-judging it either way. Its hidden.



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