Is their a rapture for the Church? What the bible says.

Is there a rapture for the church?


Consider this.
No matter when you see the seven years beginning it is exactly seven years. It is marked by the signing of the peace treaty between Israel and the Antichrist.

Christ comes at the end of the 7 years. This is laid out in Daniel. This is a date you can calculate down to the exact day when you know the date the seven years starts.

Jesus references his “return for his disciples” as surprise. Even he does not know the exact date and says no one but God knows. This “surprise” date you can not calculate.

How can a known date at the end of seven years be the same date as a surprise “unknown” return date?

A day that no one can know can not be a day that anyone can know.

The only way I can see to reconcile this is two dates.

A return in the clouds for his bride at an UNKNOWN time along with a physical KNOWN calculable return date to rule and reign. The angel in Daniel even gives us another countdown to the return as 1337 days.

He returns with all his saints, how can he RETURN with the saints if the saints have not yet left the earth?

He will put his feet on the mount of olives at the end of the seven years just as the prophecies say (a known date you can mark on a calendar) and return to keep his bride from the trial that is coming on the whole world (an unknown date) .

This It fits exactly with Jewish wedding tradition and makes Jesus words true and gives us a blessed hope rather than a dread of the future. Don’t take my word for it. Pray and ask God what he thinks, he promised to teach you all things.



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