Who are you going to vote for? I have a suggestion.

These days everyone is talking about who will be elected as our supreme government officer.  The standard I use for politicians is unfaithful in little = unfaithful in much. By this standard its easy to see very few measure up. I know one that does measure up.
Honor and integrity are flexible based on what your goals are it seems. Still God says he likes people who “sweareth and keepeth it even to his own hurt.”

I have lost hope in politics and put my hope in God and the return of Christ because its the only realistic hope for change. I can trust God in my daily life though and change my small world for the better. Electing Christ as your president in a world with only one vote, your vote.

Crushing my own frailties and errors by trusting Christ really works when its worked. By simple trust in Christ living in us we can all live under the new coming government right now, instead of waiting till later. It’s voluntary, and not forced on anyone-unlike the current spiritual government which the non trusting world is under. Trusting Christ for help aligns us with the new government to come in the now and makes us citizens of heaven where the king is set. It allows me to take my hopes out of this current time and politicians. It allows me to join the government “to come” right now in every second I choose to exersize trust instead of some far off “someday”. This reality is just the fish well for God to fish out the good stuff before he makes the permanent reality. As your own body will show you this is all temporary.

Believing this helps me not get too upset about all the stuff I can’t do much about leading to frustration and puts me in a active position of governing my small part of the world personally by trusting God for the power to do it. It allows me to see his power in action right now.

I have often lost my way in this and been sidetracked but its the only game in town for real change in my little world, right now, today. I vote with every second, every moment to trust and focus on Christ for help or not. No formal election needed, no dependence on frail people or my corrupted self. It doesn’t depend on “pack money”, or leaders promises. No one elses votes count. Electing Christ your leader  every moment by moment by child like trust. After all if we can’t govern our selves can we depend on others frail mortals to govern us? Can you trust them where it really counts, in your corner of the world.

Faith in God is powerful  and not just “peter pan advice” (sorry Billy Joel). I have seen his power in any moment I use my faith. I have seen it work thousands of times.

Despite all my failings I keep seeing Gods hand in my life because I have learned his love and care of me is based on faith. The bible says even trusting is not from yourself, it too is a gift of God.
It’s made “legal” despite my record of law breaking because someone showed up and gave his life of non law breaking to me. A free Gift. Not trusting myself or my performance or lack of it is as a foundation that takes the pressure off of me to be perfect because its all ready done. The bible says God has all ready “perfected” all those he is sanctifying (cleaning up). You may not realize it, you may not feel it but you are all ready perfect in Gods eyes. He is cleaning you up from faith to faith but as far as perfection goes you all ready have it. This frees me from a relationship based on a record of personal performance and a relationship based on the performance and empowerment of another. A relationship that is from unearned favor. It’s called “grace”. “truths”. Angels are broadcasters like a cell tower. Believe them and follow their urges and they will become your leader. Once you elect them as leaders they become your dictators. Paul says when you obey sin it’s your last free act. Jesus arrived and said that he people were all “slaves of sin (the current spiritual government) , and slaves do not have rights.” With the God of this world you choose and then choice is over. By not voting you vote for the current one, which you mistakenly believe is yourself. It’s not, that’s an illusion.
The bible says “know ye not the one you yield yourself to obey, he will become your master”.
With Christ you vote first by your belief in him and what he did for you and that opens the door to being able to obey his influence. He is the new coming leader and will take over everything. You will all vote for your spiritual leader.  You can vote for Christ every second by trusting him. “the justified will walk by faith” but it’s voluntary not forced like the other government. .
Jesus will be proclaimed the leader over everyone after this is all settled out. Deny yourself and the world and choose the winning ticket now, it will be too late to choose him later





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