Your power, or his rest?

Sometimes our human nature gets christians so wrapped up in keeping their various denominational laws and our own made up rules that we miss the out on the power that allows us to do what God wants us to. We soon look down on others who don’t keep the rules in the same way we do, the very people we are to serve. We often miss out on following the spirit of Christ by faith and focus on our own self effort by keeping rules. Our power is weak and no substitute for a living dependent relationship empowered by Christ. Jesus tells us that “without him we can do nothing” and “as you received Christ so walk ye in him.” Thats a walk of depending on him and not our selves. He walked this way as well saying that what he did was empowered by his father and he spoke only the words his father spoke through him. He walked by depending on Gods power and we are told to walk in the same way through the open door Christs obedience has made for us. Depending on his power to do what we ought offers real rest. “come unto me all you who labor and I will give you rest.” imagesREST+series+background


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