A warm friendly fire or a Donald Trump like yell “your fired!”

“God is love”
and at the same time
God is a “consuming fire”,
one day everything you did today, yesterday and tommorow will pass through the fire of Gods love, what will remain of your life? Will your life amount to ashes?
Life’s selfish endeavors profits nothing, a puff of smoke, a pile of ash. In the light of love that sort of life will be seen for what it actually is.
However, day by day, moment by moment, moving with the spirit of God, animated by Gods love, following him creates a legacy. Even the smallest act in love, a cup of cold water to the thirsty, a kind word to the weary. A life of love guarantees your life’s actions will endure forever, bright and shining seen by all in the midst of a friendly fire.
The fires coming for sure. Everything everyone does goes through the fire eventually. Will it be a friendly fire, or a terrifying one?


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