is there or rapture or is there not a rapture?

as to the person who said there is no rapture. The prophecies of Daniel and Revelations point out that that at the end of the last week of Daniel’s seventy weeks of years Jesus will return to earth and put an end to the anti christ. Also we know that the beginning of the tribulation is when the anti christ makes a peace treaty with Israel. Daniel 9:27

So we know that seven years to the day Jesus will come back to earth to set foot on the mount of olives.

An angel points out to Daniel that blessed are they that wait the 1335 days, when the messiah arrives at the end of the tribulation.

When the disciples ask Jesus about his return for them he tells them no man knows the day or the hour not even the angels or himself but the father only.

My question to you is if the exact day second coming of Jesus (the end of the seven years) can be calculated by several reference points to the exact day, then what day is Jesus speaking about when he says he will return for his disciples at a day which no one but God will know. Is he speaking about his return at the end of the seven year tribulation?
The people in the tribulation calculate the exact day of the end of the seven years since they could know the exact date the peace treaty was signed. (Daniel 9:27)

people in the tribulation know that after the midpoint of the seven years that after 1335 days that the messiah would return, as the angel pointed out. This exact day is used as a focus of hope. Like a countdown.

So the exact day second coming of Jesus at the end of the seven years will be known by many people from these two reference points.

As to his return for his disciples Jesus said no one, not even him or angels would know that day.

Is the second coming of Jesus at the end of the seven year period and the day jesus returns like a thief in the night the same day? Do thieves make appointments? Is Jesus speaking on only one date in both verses? The point is Jesus and the prophets prove that there is indeed a return of Jesus that can be calculated down to the exact date (the end of the seven years), and a return of Jesus for his disciples that will come like a thief in the night (an unknown day) that can’t be calculated to the exact date. One is the second coming where he steps on the earth and the other one in the clouds when he takes his bride away in keeping with the jewish wedding tradition (that he alluded to in his parables in only the father knowing the date for the son to claim his bride) Yes Virginia there is a rapture…


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