“I keep saying I God never gave it to me it so why don’t I have it?”

I get a lot of replies where people are angry saying there are plenty of good people who do not receive from God. They say I asked and never received it. They get mad and call me names and sometimes they call God some names. I am writing this so I can just clip the article URL and send it to them when they ask me why God never gave it to them.

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. http://biblehub.com/mark/11-24.htm

My reply entitled “I keep saying I never got it so why don’t I have it?”
If you believe you have received it (when you prayed) you will have it. Did you believe you had all ready received it when you prayed? Obviously not since your saying God never gave it to you.
Let him ask in faith nothing wavering for he that wavers (goes back and forth between two possibilities) is like the wave of the sea, driven and tossed by the sea. Let. Not that man think he will receive anything from the lord. (this means you) Your telling me he did not give it to you means he will never give it to you. Just forget about it and do without it. God says it is a certainty for waverers not to receive anything. You waver, you doubt and then you blame God.
God is in binary system like a computer. There is no 2, or 3.
Let your yes be yes and your no be no, anything Else comes from the evil one. God is a yes or. God. The devil is all about maybe. God is one or zero, the devil is the rest of the numbers, the maybe. God is “being certain” and the evil one is “I am not sure.” God is truth and the devil is everything else. The devil is in the maybe.

But your statement shall be, “Yes, yes” and, “No, no”; anything more than these is from The Evil One. http://biblehub.com/matthew/5-37.htm

Long ago the tree of the knowledge of good and evil has made man kind broken. Mans heart as goes back and forth between good and evil. This uncertainty means you never arrive at truth (God is truth) and this means you can not receive from God. (who is truth) (yes or no). Those in the land of maybe never see yes or no. Let your yes be yes and your no be no, anything else comes from the evil one Jesus said. The “number 2” is the devil in a binary system.

666 bender sees binaryXGlbR20bender devil is a two
In binary there is no two. Bender sees a two in a bad dream.

In binary there is no two. Bender sees a two in a bad dream.

The devil has no truth in him. He never gets to one or zero. He abode not in the “truth” (one or zero) because the truth (one or zero) is not in him. He trusted his own wisdom the bible says and became corrupted by it. He went outside of the binary system of ones and zeros and made up the number two. This was corrupt in a  pure system that only allowed for one or zero. A system of absolute truth does not accept a “sort of”. This is why the devil kept asking Jesus if he was the son of God, because he could never arrive at the truth since there is no “truth” in him. He never knew for sure if Jesus was who he said he was. To him it was always a maybe since he can never arrive at truth. Remember how it says if the powers that he had known they were crucifying the lord of glory they would never have crucified Jesus?
None of the rulers of this world understood it, because if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. http://biblehub.com/1_corinthians/2-8.htm
Jesus said the high priest could not kill him unless it was approved by a higher authority. Satan was called the God of this world by Jesus so he was the highest authority. Satan made the call to crucify him, because he didn’t know who Jesus was for sure. If he had known the bible says he would not have crucified him. Now that’s way off point but if you will believe you “have all ready received it” WHEN you prayed like Jesus told you to you then you would never be telling me now that God didn’t give it to you since you would all ready have considered it yours when you asked. God is expecting a zero or a one and you messed around with the number two until you arrived at zero. The fact that your saying that he didn’t give it to you means you never received it in your heart when you asked, or that after asking you just hoped or wished. Maybe you did actually believe but then the devil talked you into not believing. He is good at selling “twos”. If it is not a reality in your heart (the spirit world) when you asked (a firm one or zero) then it will never be a reality in the physical world. God works in a binary system. You are the creator of reality within the framework of what God has made. i can prove that to you easily. For instance If I call you “stupid” are you going to believe it? If you fill that word with faith do it becomes real to you. You give the words life though your faith. It could affect the rest of your life. If you do not believe it then will the word “stupid” be real on the inside of you? Will it affect you if you never believe your stupid? The point is YOU made it real or not real.
We are reality creating beings just like God because we are in his image and likeness. If you were a cat would you teach your kittens to hunt? If you were a reality creating being would you reward your children when they created reality? If you were a reality creating being would you reward you children with reality when they created reality? When they complained something was not real would you reward them? Will your complaints ever result in creating reality? Will your complaints move the lord of all creation?  “God lives in the praises of his people” the bible tells us. If you want to visit a place where God does not live complaining is the place.

Inside a bitch it is very dark....

Inside a bitch it is very dark….


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