Will Christians Go Through the Tribulation? Is there a rapture?

Here is how to settle this with certainty. Everyone agrees Jesus returns at the end of the 7 year tribulation. The bible makes it clear that Jesus returns at the end of the 7 year tribulation.

The end of the tribulation occurs after 7 years from the signing of the peace treaty between Israel and the antichrist according to the book of Daniel. Daniel 9:27

Anyone alive during the tribulation will be able to count down the days to know the EXACT DAY Jesus sets his feet down on the mount at olives at the end to the tribulation because it occurs exactly 7 years from the beginning of the tribulation. This is marked by Israel signing a peach treaty with the anti-christ. 

SO Many men will know the EXACT DAY of the return of Christ at the end of the seven years. So this return of Christ can not be a day that know man know the day or hour. 

When the disciples asked when Jesus would return for them Jesus
said “no man know the day or the hour” that day occurs.

SO JESUS COULD NOT BE TALKING ABOUT THE TIME WHEN HE APPEARS AT THE END OF THE SEVEN YEAR TRIBULATION when he said “no man knows the day or the hour!” This means the return for Jesus disciples and Jesus second coming at the end of the tribulation must be separate days. Many will know the exact day of his return to the earth at the last day of the tribulation, but no man will know the day Jesus comes for his disciples. The only way to explain this is that they are two separate days. 
Only a rapture fits, that is where he meets us in the air and does not step on the earth to set up his kingdom.

There must be a rapture. Does it occur before the tribulation starts? 

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
“Because you have kept the word of my patience, I also shall keep you from the trial that is going to come over the entire inhabited world, to test the inhabitants of The Earth.”  rev 3:10

NET Bible
Because you have kept my admonition to endure steadfastly, I will also keep you from the hour of testing that is about to come on the whole world to test those who live on the earth. rev 3:10

New Living Translation
“Because you have obeyed my command to persevere, I will protect you from the great time of testing that will come upon the whole world to test those who belong to this world. Rev 3:10


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  1. Thank you, for this revelation. This makes perfect since! I can’t wait to be caught up to him. Thank you Jesus Christ if we are the blessed generation that receives this.

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