How many cigarettes would Jesus have to smoke before he got cancer?

How many cigarettes would Jesus have to smoke before he got cancer?


I believe this is for someone out there today.

How about Peter the Apostle, or Paul the apostle? Most people answer that Jesus could not smoke enough cigarettes to get cancer. With peter some might consider a number however if his shadow fell on people they would be healed. The reason sickness would not work on Jesus is because of his righteousness that makes the curse of the law illegal in his body.

His righteousness is our righteousness but its power is related to the weight of faith we put on it. (with the heart a man believes unto righteousness, “by works of the law shall no flesh be justified” and a “righteousness apart from works”) ) (most people think its your deeds, but its your faith, not your deeds) The reason Peter would be immune would be the same. His righteousness would not allow the curse of the law to work in his body. He had faith in Jesus and put pressure or weight on Jesus (the embodiment of God’s word). The weight Peter put on Jesus is the weight of faith. This faith would shield peter from the natural elements of the world. Jesus is above natural laws as he demonstrated time and time again. When we put weight or pressure through faith in Jesus and on Gods word (Jesus) we receive God’s supply that comes from Jesus. When I was curious about the verse that said “riches in glory” the holy spirit who is our teacher told me to look up “glory” in my greek to english dictionary. The word glory translates into “weight”. God has provided us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him (2 Peter 1:3) This knowledge comes through God’s word and our experiences with God. (Psalm 119:99 for instance) The supply we receive as christians is directly proportional to the weight we put on what christ did for us and belief in God’s word. He paid for every healing, every sin, and every prayer answer through Christ. It is the weight we put on Christ through faith that opens the supply that God has stored up for us in his promises.
Gods supply = the weight we put on Christ’s sacrifice for us and God’s word. We open doors on earth and close them, this opens doors in heaven or closes them and the words of God we believe or do not believe are the keys that lock or open those doors. (faith is being certain of what we do not see, not being wishy washy)

Don’t let your eyes or ears or what you feel or see change your faith. Jesus did not judge by the seeing of his eyes or the hearing of his ears. Isaiah 11:3
Imitate God your father Eph 5:1
who calls those things which are not as though they already were. Rom 4:17
You say things exist that do not exist as though they all really did exist just like your father does. (even though they do not currently exist) You’re in his image and in charge of the earth. Gen 1:26 If you were in the image of a cat and a cat was your father you would chase mice, but you’re in the image of God and God is your father so you should imitate him and not consider yourself as someone who has no say in what happens in reality. We should not act as a being with no legal authority over reality but as those who have been given authority over all of reality in the earth. Gen 1:26 Your faith has authority over created things. “he shall have whatever he says” mark 11:23 God makes things with his mouth. Words and belief and so do you.

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
And my God shall satisfy all (ALL MEANS ALL) your needs (WHAT YOU LACK) according to (ACCORDING TO IS THE SAME AS = TO) his riches in the glory (WEIGHT) of Yeshua The Messiah, Philippians 4:19
You choose how much weight or glory to give Jesus.
You open the doors or close the doors to his provision by your faith.
Matt 16:19 Faith works through love. gal 5:6
Love believes all things 1 cor 13.
Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word. romans 10:17
Blessed are you that hear. Matt 13:16


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