Don’t have confidence that he will someday, have confidence that he already did it the second you asked. “When you pray believe that YOU HAVE received it.” Jesus said that.

someone commented and ask that I pray that God would answer her prayer, this is my reply.

Don’t have confidence that he will someday, have confidence that he already did it the second you asked.
“When you pray believe that YOU HAVE received it.” Jesus said that.
It is a lot different believing you have it the second you ask than believing that it will happen later. When you order something on amazon do you believe it’s a “done deal” when you click that last button? You believe you bought it that very second of the click. After all Amazon is pretty reliable. IS God as reliable. With amazon do you think wow I hope they send it, I hope that will happen. No you consider it done at that last click. Same with God but even more so. Amazon does not need your faith to get you what you ordered, just your cash and your address. God however needs your concrete confidence. The second your confidence dies so does your provision from God. If you believe your eyes and ears about the matter your calling things that do not exist as though they do not exist. God calls things that do not exist as though they already do exist. Reality obeys his faith, he does not form his faith on the basis of what currently exists.
Jesus did not judge by the seeing of his eyes, or the hearing of his ears but he judged a righteous judgement.
Whatever he saw the father doing he did. Whatever his father said he said.
Jesus has bought us the right to be over reality instead of underneath it. “the head and not the tail” “above and not beneath”

As the authority on the earth you saying that it has occurred and not changing your mind (via the knowledge of good and evil) is the seed that blooms into it happening someday. When you said it already happened then you are “imitating God your father” “who calls those things that are not ( does not currently exist) as though they were (as though it currently exists) God has the kingdom of heaven and he gave you the kingdom of the earth. The way God rules his kingdom is he uses words and says what reality it despite it not being the way he says as he says it. He wants you to do the same here. Jesus said if you had faith and did not doubt (doubt= back and forth, going from good then to evil) (because eve ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil) If you did not doubt you could tell a mountain to get up and go into the sea and immediately it would obey you. OBEY WHO? did it say it would obey God? No it would obey you. This is because you are in the image of God. You are the authority here. If you were in the image of a cat I would one day expect you to chase mice and see in the dark well. However you are in the image of God so you should be doing what God does. Your identity here is carefully hidden and there are powerful forces operating in the spirit world to make sure you never find out what kind of creature you are. Remember when Jesus called Satan the “god of this world”? Did God set satan up and delegate Satan as the authority of the planet? No he set up Adam. So that seat of authority originally belonged to Adam. Then Adam obeyed Satan and that put Satan over Adam. “do ye not know the one you yield yourself to obey will become your master”. So the title “god of this world” was originally the title given to Adam. Since believing unto righteousness means you are free from sin, you can get your title back as Adams heir and now Christs heir. YOU are supposed to be the authority ruling the earth and through Christ’s righteousness you can get that authority back.



    1. The power that works with in us is defined by the bible.
      “I am not ashamed of the good news of Christ for IT IS THE POWER OF GOD to THOSE THAT BELIVE.” The good news, Gods word is the power. It works within us when we give it the weight of truth by our faith.
      The bible says “ye shall be filled with power from on high when that the holy Ghost is come upon you”. The holy spirit is the spirit of “truth”.
      Putting the weight of truth into words make them powerful. The bible says the word of God came to many but did them no good having not being mixed with faith by the hearers”. IT says God supplies all our needs according to his riches in glory through christ Jesus. Glory = Weight. When you believed christ died for your sins and you believe you sins were removed by that act then you gave weight to that. You gave it the weight of truth. This opened a door in heaven. Whatever door you open on earth is open in haven (the spirit world). You gave it weight through faith. This made it truth for you. We do this thought by thought, every second. God sees salvation as true, and once you believe it personally it becomes true for you. Jesus paid the cost for everyman but unless you believe it then it does not apply to you. Gods reality becomes your reality as you believe it. God will not go around your reality and force his on you. You have been given the right to believe or not believe certain things. Eventually all choices like that will be over and God will judge everything and only his reality will be reality. Right now there is truth, or Gods reality and then there are all kinds of other ideas that pretend to be true but are not really truth. We live under the government of lies right now. The world is ruled over by a “god” who is in fact lies. However truth has entered the world and his kingdom is coming. Soon new spiritual rulership will come into our world. We can live under that rulership now however as we give each promise the weight of truth. Whatever part of Gods word we believe becomes real in our world to us. What we reject stays out.

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