Who does God say that you are? Actually he says your a God. No, really!




I said, “You are gods. You are all sons of the Most High.

Who said that?
God himself said that…
Watch how quickly that is taken away from you. How quickly it tries to flee. Why? There is much spiritual opposition to you knowing who you actually are.

 The BIG birds come to eat that one, and with a lot of force.

It is hard for us to believe it. Many other voices deny it.

Yet it is God that says this is who you are.

God says this!  





The spirit that rules here is violently and forcefully against anyone touching that verse…. It is working against you knowing who you are. It tries to make you forget who God says you are and instead believe what the spirit of the air says you are. The traditional view of what we are is wrong!

To believe what God says you are makes you powerful. You are part of Gods family. His actual offspring. Your related to Adam the first man, and the scriptures say his father was God. The church in general won’t mention Psalms 82:6.
It is uncomfortable to bring it up. It would mean you are powerful.

Dictators hate competition. (the “God” this world ) But he is only temporarily in charge and is sitting in the seat God made for Adam and Adams descendants (i.e. you)


Dictators hate competition. ( the "God" this world )

Dictators hate competition. ( the “God” this world )

“those that accept the abundance once and the gift of righteousness will reign as kings in life” 
“seek ye first” kingdom = What God says is true, Gods rule and the righteousness God provides
“and God made them coverings. Christ is our covering. Jesus is our righteousness.

What would happen to you if you believed you are a God? Heresy? No it’s more like heresy to not believe it, since God himself says that is who you are. Then Jesus said the same thing later, referring to this verse. It is participating in Gods kingdom to believe what he says.

So do you refuse believe this?

If you were made in the image of a cat you would be a kitten.


If you were made in the image of a cat you would be a kitten.

Your not made in the image of a cat or after a cat’s likeness.

If you were made in an eagles likeness you would be classified as an Eagle.

If you were made in an eagles likeness you would be classified as an Eagle.

If you were made in an eagles likeness you would be classified as an Eagle.


You are made in the image of GOD. You are classified as a God,  you are made in his image and likeness.
God says thats what you are. Lots of others have different opinions.




You were made to rule reality SPIRITUALLY,  not the other way around. The material world should not call the shots
 You were given dominion over the earth not the opposite.

How does God change his reality?

He speaks, and he believes.

“he calls those things that are not as though they all ready presently exist.

Most of us work with the sweat of our brow first and then use our faith as a last resort.

God uses his faith first then goes to work.
He spoke words first. He gave the prophecy of Jesus first, then came physically in the form of Jesus and worked out his plan. His faith was used first.

We do the opposite.

The ways of the wicked he turns upside down.  God has now made us righteous. We can work with our faith first.

Since “the curse is reversed” we can now act like God acts. Use faith first, then work.

We need to pray and believe we receive it first.
If we do not start work with prayer it won’t last anyway.

 Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.

We can labor but we can not do it effectively without him.

“with out me ye can do nothing.”

We are the branch on the branch that grows out of the tree.

maxresdefault2 quote-human-government-the-embodied-effort-of-man-to-rule-the-world-without-god-ruled-over-by-the-david-lipscomb-247750

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