Can you pray for me requests, I will be happy to pray for you but read this first.

I am happy to pray for you you have a specific request? Also I have had people want me to pray for them. This has happened a lot. I wanted to you to know how ever hat your faith is still very important. God won’t cross over a door you have locked. It wouldn’t matter who prayed for you if you keep the door locked. We lock the door to God by doubt. We entertain two possibilities, in short we are wishy washy. We give weight to who God is one min and the next second we give weight to the “wind and waves.” Just like peter walking on the water. He noticed how tough the storm was and he sank. Every one knows you can’t walk on water if the storm is really really bad right?
Even Jesus can’t or won’t get passed a locked door. Remember Jesus went into one town and he sealed them all. How ever At another town “he could do no mighty work” because of their unbelief. So even Jesus himself can not help if someone is doubting.

The word says about doubting “let not that man think he will receive anything from the lord.” SO faith is being certain. A binary system. I have prayed for some people and they don’t get what there asking for and blame me. Some call me up and cuss at me, or write me nasty letters.

I prayed for God to show me what went wrong and he gave me the lesson above. If you have promises to stand on, and stand on them using love you won’t fail. Love never fails, and love believes all things and endures all things. Some people when they do not get a prayer answer get mad at God or get mad at me. Love is not touchy.

When we pray the test comes right after. The devil comes to steal the word. He comes as thoughts, reasonings and shows you the past to make his point. He tried to “lawyer” you out of it. He comes to “carl Segan” you out of it. However we are dealing with a God who can turn water into wine, and feed 5 thousand with a five dollar foot long. Reality and physics are no obstacle. He made reality and is above it. The only thing that is an obstacle for God is doubt. Reality was made of thought, Words and faith met and made reality. When you put faith in words they are powerful since you are created in the same image and likeness as God. Love is the only thing guaranteed to stand the test. Truth needs love to bolster it. “speaking the truth in love we might grow up into him.” Love is the only thing that guarantees a profit. You can have all faith an not have love and it won’t profit. 


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