Question to me:
But then it is written that God can do anything. Did you not believe God can give a woman of any age children? What about Sarah and Elizabeth? You, yourself, commented about a previous poster’s natural reasonings for believing she couldn’t have children in an earlier reply. I’m 48 and childless, and praying for natural conception of at least 2 or 3 children. Are you saying it’s not really possible? What do you actually believe on the matter of childbearing?


My Reply:
Well with God all things are possible. Sarah had a child when she was old. It doesn’t really matter what I believe about your problem really. I can pray for you sure. However it’s your own faith that matters. Even Jesus is limited by your individual faith. Jesus went into a town and the bible says he could do no mighty work there because of their unbelief. Jesus had the power to heal them but without their faith he could not get to them. Can God help? The bible says “now unto him that is able to do exceedingly above all that we ask or think, ACCORDING TO the POWER that works with in us. What power? I am not ashamed of the good news of Jesus Christ for it is the IT IS THE POWER OF GOD “to those that believe.” “the word of God came to many but it did not profit them having not been mixed with faith”. So can God help you? Yes he can do far beyond anything you ask or can think of. Will he? thats up to you. We are in a “glory” or “honor” economy with God. He that honors me I will honor, he says.

When Jesus healed the woman with the issue of blood he was not even aware of her until she used her faith and touched him. When he was being crowded by many people all around he exclaimed “who touched me”? The disciples were amazed he said that cause lots of people touched him. He turned to the woman and said “YOUR faith has made you whole”. It was Jesus power, but it was HER faith that accessed it. Every thing God does revolves around giving weight, glory, faith to his word. His word is Jesus in the flesh, but words on paper right in our homes. When you put weight on the word it becomes Gods power to work on your behalf. God created everything through his word mixed with faith. It is the fundamental building block of the universe.

When Jesus said he had given us the keys to the kingdom of heaven I believe he was talking about his word and more specifically God’s promises. Whatever door we open on earth is open in heaven. Whatever door we close on earth is closed in heaven. So we open or close the doors to heavens reality by believing the same thing God believes. We are in charge of the earth. His reality is all ready established in heaven, but not on the earth. Man has been given rule here. For the most part men believe whatever thought that comes to them. This means that they give over their authority to those thoughts.

The real question is what do you believe? Are the promises of God for you? The bible says all the promises “are yea and amen in Christ Jesus.” It says if we “eat his flesh and drink his blood” we are in him. That is if we actually partake of the righteousness given to us. “They that accept the abundance of grace (undeserved, unmerited favor) and the gift of righteousness shall reign as kings in life.” So we see a kingship, a rulership depending upon us accepting more grace than we need and the righteousness Jesus bought for us. So seeking righteousness is first thing. “Seek ye first” So are there any promises for you having children that you know of? They are your keys. You can open some doors with this promises by putting weight on them. When you do that the promises take the rightful place of “truth” in your heart. God is truth, so God, the real God then rules in your heart. “the kingdom of God is within you”. His word cleans us up, washes us, when we give it the weight of truth.
With God all things are possible but he put you in charge of earth. If you open the doors that God has all ready opened in heaven, that is his promises, then you will partake here on earth. You will bring the kingdom of God down here to earth.

However You will have a fight on your hands. Reality will tell you it won’t happen. There will be lots of thoughts that seem perfectly logical that say you will never have it. You can’t walk on water! impossible.
However with God we need to through logic out the window. Jesus walked on water, turned water into wine, raised the dead. He was above and not beneath, the head and not the tail. He was above physical reality. He was the master over it, not vice versa. “he did not reason by the sight of his eyes or by the hearing of the ears” he judged by righteous judgement. That was he believed what God said. His senses and experience could say something different than what God said. When he looked at water it looked wet, when he saw a dead person they looked dead. However God is above reality. Jesus believed God and he believed the truth about who he was. Like God He called those things that were not as though they all ready were. God is the being we are in the image of. If you were in the image of a cat, we would expect you to be able to catch mice. You are created in the image of God who calls those things that are not existing now as though they all ready existed. DO you believe you all ready have children? When you ask you believe you have received it, then you shall have it. Lots of things, realities, and past experiences say it won’t happen. They will fight you. However if you received it when you prayed, then you all ready have it. Jesus is saying if you keep that belief it will show up eventually. Like a seed you plant in the ground. It looks just like dirt for quite a while. If you stop believing your seed dies.

This all assumes you are in Christ and living free of sin by being animated and motivated by Christ. He is a spirit and if you obey him he will become your master. “know ye not ye are slaves to him that you yield yourself to obey”. If you obey Christ, then you are governed by him. If you obey your flesh you are obeying a spirit other than God. There is a new government operating right now and he rules through voluntary co operation, walking with him by faith, letting him lead. He does not force like the “other” spiritual government does. The “god” of this world pushes, urges, forces.
There are two “truths” in the world, one really true, one just pretending. One is the God of this world, one is the God of heaven.
About what I asked for. Yes it’s true I “reasoned” a woman ten years younger than me would be a good bet, but I was just using my human reasoning. It was my best guess. Did I make a mistake not asking for a woman 10 years my senior? Not really, it was personal preference. God allows exactly that. He said to me in his word “ask for whatsoever ye will”. I didn’t take a vote on it. I didn’t post what I wanted on the internet to see what everyone else thought was good for me. It was personal. I don’t really care what others think of what I want for dinner. Its none of their beeswax.
It was what “I willed”. Some people might have a problem with it, I don’t know. I believed I “HAD” received it when I asked. Not “I might get it someday”. Someday had passed, it was mine THAT day. If I kept it as real long enough then physical reality would get in line with my spiritual reality. All kinds of thoughts, reasonings etc tried to tell me it wouldn’t happen. I used the word of God to reply to them. Thoughts would say “your not good enough” I would reply “i am now the righteousness of God himself, in Christ Jesus. I am good enough because Jesus is my goodness. Then the thoughts would say, You don’t have enough faith. I would reply “even trusting is not from your self it to is the gift of God”. So God was the author of my faith. How could I not have enough. It went on and on like this. I just kept sticking to the word. It was my walls, my fortress. I asked God “why is this happening, why all the confusion and battle? God replied “because there is something there to steal”. (yes God talks today, see the post “my sheep hear my voice” if they hear, God speaks) After a while the thoughts stopped. My prayer was answered. I did the same thing when I prayed for the factory across from my house to go away. I would keep hearing see it is still there. I kept saying “no, its all ready gone.” They would say, “it will never happen” I would say it all ready happened. It’s a dirt pile, a empty dirt pile. The thoughts would call me nuts. My eyes disagreed. However I kept believing it had all ready been removed. I saw a dirt pile.
Two weeks later after the company worked night and day to remove it, I looked across the street at a empty dirt pile in the physical world.

The lesson is we believe like God does. We call those things that do not exist as though they all ready do. This way we become what we are supposed to be. The head and not the tail, above and not beneath. Reality takes orders from us, Gods offspring, not the other way around. Jesus walked on water, he didn’t sink. He was the master of reality. We are the children of God and we are told to imitate him like dear children. Jesus says “if he works hard he will be as his master”. This invites us to be like Jesus. Jesus says it is possible to be like him. Not conformed to this world.
SO My question to you about having children is “what do you believe?” much like the commercial I saw, “whats in your wallet?” Jesus has paid the total price to give you absolutely anything the bible promises you. It the doors we personally open (by belief) that make that promise a reality for us. No one can believe for you if you keep the door closed.
So “what’s in your wallet?”

Here is whats in my wallet.
I have a bunch of promised purchased by the blood of a actual God who loved me enough to die for me. I don’t actually deserve anything but doom, but I have a “you deserve it” credit card with an unlimited balance. I have the record of perfect obedience (not my own) given to me as a gift by the suffering of the living God. (the gift of righteousness) A gift! Free! Nothing I have personally earned. I am going to spend that on the earth by giving “weight” or “glory” to God. Yes that’s what is in all christians wallets.
My God shall supply all your needs ACCORDING TO his riches in glory (HOW MUCH WEIGHT) through Christ Jesus. I asked God what that meant and he told me to look up “glory”. It means weight, force, pressure. Supply=(Christ JESUS, sacrifice) X (weight of truth)

It is an ABUNDANCE of Grace! ITs free, Its a gift!

Defined as unmerited, unearned, favor-  and there is an abundance of it, more than you need, more than you could ever use! that is given as a GIFT and in no way earned.
A vast inexhaustible abundant sum with no limit!



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  1. Amen! Keep blogging..what also helped me to avoid these negative voices of anxiety and doubt is to ask God for permanent peace, it really helped, hopefully whoever is reading this may also try that..its a battle but God is loving and very merciful, He understands us and is always there to help us, so ask ask ask 🙂

    Remember God is light, and all good things are found in the light, the negative spiritual forces will always be there to say “Did God really say He can give all you want? Etc..

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