Hearing from God is an important thing to get right, HOW DO YOU KNOW IT’S GOD SPEAKING TO YOU?

(scriptures referenced are in linked to in blue)


Usually when someone says “Jesus take the wheel” it’s meant to help them through a rough patch in life.

But police say an Indiana woman took the phrase literally on July 11th, when she took her hands off the steering wheel as she was driving.

The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette reports 25-year-old Prionda Hill told authorities she let go of the wheel because “God told her he would take it from here.”

Unfortunately for Anthony Olivery, her car veered off the road and slammed into his motorcycle, throwing him to the ground. Then the car ran over him.


Hearing from God is a important thing to get right. If Jesus took the wheel you would see some awesome driving. It’s obvious this person was just imagining it or listening to the wrong sprit. 



Many step over love to beat you down with their “truth”. The “church” world is full of these types. While claiming to be speaking for God who is love himself they act in a way that shows they are not controlled by love. Your master is the spirit you obey. Love is not their master and it shows. God says a lot of people will be using their religious service as proof they are worthy. However God says he doesn’t know them. Those who do not love do not know God the bible says. Jesus says that the world will know you have been taught by Jesus because they will see your love for each other. A tree is known by it’s fruit. Many act out they claim to be acting on Gods instructions in good faith while ignoring loves instruction.

Truth from God needs to be manged by Love because GOD IS Love.

He does not “have” love he “is” love.
Any “truth” that does its work without being governed by Love is not God and is unprofitable. (1st cor 13)

Would love tell you to take this the kind of chance this driver did? Satan told Jesus “God says he will catch you so can safely jump off this building“.
Make sure what your instructions from “God” lines up with love and the written word both.
“What would love do?” is a good question to ask.
Love wouldn’t put you in risk like this driver was.
“there are many voices in the world”.
Their are many religious institutions run by religious spirits that are actually evil. They act like God but the actions of their followers never reflect loves values. They have a great sense of being right, while actually being very wrong. Most of these churches are characterized by strict rules and the exclusion and devaluation of others who do not obey their rules or believe what they do. This is because the strength of sin is in the law and they have to major in law. With out sin Satan can not kill. IF they make up rules and believe they should do them but don’t to them it is sin. They exclude and look down on others because love is absent. They have a form of religion and righteousness that is worthless in the eyes of love. 
Fallen Angels have had a long time to work on impersonating Gods voice to insert mayhem and strife. If they can get you to believe that they are the voice of truth they can cause a lot of trouble. This is why the bible says to test them. Thats why he give us his word. When God tests things he puts it through himself, who is a flaming fire, love himself. God is love, God is fire. We should use the word of God and the flame of love to test everything thing we think we hear from God. 
They can fake “truth, it may seem the right thing to do, but they can’t fake “love”. Always test what you hear from “God” using the written word managed by love. “It makes us mature. “speaking the truth in love we might grow up in to him”
Do the instructions you hear from God line up with love? This use of truth AND love in tandem makes Christians become mature where they are not tossed about by every wind and wave. It makes sure you have a “profitable” life. Your life will mean something when it’s examined.


Everyone’s life will be put through the fire and the wood hay and stubble will be burnt up.

THE gold, and precious gems won’t burn. The fire it will go through is Love. God is love. God is a consuming fire. They are one in the same. If its worth something to God it has to be done with love no matter how “right” you think your actions are. It has to be done with love no matter how truthful you think your truth is.

Gods (truth) instructions are hand in hand with the motivation of love. Love is the test. Love is the lens which allows us to see God’s word correctly. It allows us to get rid of the voice of the impostors who lay claim to being truth while having nothing to do with love. 


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