your belief makes things real all ready.

When you hear words and believe them they are real on the inside of you. You are able to believe good or evil, truth or lies. A lie can be made just as real as the truth inside of you if you believe it. . Whats on the inside of you colors how you see everything outside of you. Every thing believed before hand stacks up weather it is truth or lies to color how you now see the world. Your heart colors everything you see. Wouldn’t some source of absolute truth be handy? Wouldn’t a bright outlook on the world and your future change everything? What you believe makes that possible. What is going on inside you will change everything you see outside of you.
“my words are spirit they are life” -Jesus
God’s words are truth, and you can see only see them correctly through love. “speaking the truth in love you will grow up into him who is the head”


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