Stranger still?

The sheriffs job to enforce the law. The sheriff in town is wise and secretly wealthy. When a stranger moves in to the local trailer park he is poor, short on manners and intelligence. Believing the best about everyone, the sheriff  overlooks the strangers lack of manners. He secretly pays a few bills for the stranger who is needy. Often the sheriff helps the stranger behind the scenes, getting the stranger out of trouble before he ever gets in trouble.  The sheriff keeps his charity a secret.

The stranger commits a crime and all the town knows about it.

The strangers crime puts the sheriff in a tough position. The sheriff does not want to see the stranger punished for the crime because he knows it will devastate the stranger. However it is the sheriffs duty to uphold the law. Everyone wonders what the sheriff will do.

The sheriff solves the problem at great personal cost The sheriff pays the penalty for the strangers crime. The stranger goes free but does not ever learn the sheriff paid for his crime.  The stranger feels guilty though and so avoids the sheriff thinking the sheriff is out to get him. The stranger starts to hate the sheriff and avoids anything to do with the him. The stranger avoids even people who even know the sheriff.  The sheriff sends letters and people to tell the stranger his debt has been paid for, to quit avoiding him, but the stranger does not read the letters and some time yells at those the sheriff sends to tell hm the truth. Because of this the stranger never hears about the sheriffs kindness.

You are the stranger, the sheriff is Jesus.

Now the question, will stay a stranger still?


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