someone asked about praying to find a husband.

It’s a little bit long, maybe ramble but here is my response.

1. Remember when you say, God’s will be done, then you need to hear Jesus say to you “ask for whatever you will”. So it is God’s official will to give you the desires of your heart, or “your will”. YOUR WILL, IT IS HIS WILL TO GIVE YOU YOUR WILL. Get it? “Delight yourself in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

2. He only want’s good things for you and the bible says he that finds a wife (spouse) finds a good thing. Since you know God wants to bless all his children with a “good thing” you know he wants to bless a christian man with you. Since you would be his wife you would be a good thing. So either way it is ‘not good for man to be alone” So we can establish that God considers marriage good for both of you. Also we can see that God wants to give you “whatsoever you will”. As long as it is a good thing and your “will”.

3. If you were a kitten you would be in the image of a cat. Anyone would expect you to go out and catch mice one day, sleep in the sun and use a litter box. A good mom of a kitten might even teach a kitten to do that. The kitten in any case could see their mom catch a mice and figure it out.

You are the offspring and image of a being that calls those things that are not as though they were. When God says something he believes it exists before it exists. It is not currently existing and he calls it as though it all ready exists. Like he all ready has it. This is because he is in charge, he reigns. He is above physical things and circumstances. Over and over again Jesus broke natural physical laws. Why did he keep doing that? Is he your example? When he said “if he works hard he shall be like his master”. could you reign? Would God let you act like him and declare something exists before it actually does? You do this all the time in  side yourself. If i tell you something is true and you believe it, then it is real inside of you. If you do not believe it it is not real inside of you. Your belief makes things real on the inside, and God is saying your belief can move mountains on the outside. The knowledge of both good and evil makes you of two minds or hearts though. It was a very bad thing for man because his heart is always divided unless he believes with certainty one way of another.  It is faith that is certain that makes the two minds one. We experience that as truth.

You are in the image of God he is expecting one day you will be imitators of him and call those things which are not now as though they all ready existed. Anyone who prays like this and does not doubt gets the good thing they pray for. Jesus says it is a certainty. Religion will always keep you guessing. Take Gods words like a little child and as truth.

We have established it is God’s will for you to have “your will” and the desires of your heart. If its a good thing he will not withhold it from you. However as your faith so it be done unto you still applies. You use Gods words to unlock and lock things on earth and that IS heavens decision. Truth is you and I are all ready reigning. God put men in charge of the earth. We established to have a spouse it is a “good” thing. If it is a good thing God wants you to have it and he will NOT with hold it from you. We can see the way is clear to you having a spouse. It is only your faith that is in question. “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word” he can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think ACCORDING TO THE POWER THAT IS AT WORK WITHIN YOU. What is the power? “I am not ashamed of the good news about Christ for it is the POWER OF GOD” His words are that power, when you mix them with faith they are real within you. You choose either good (to believe) or evil (to not believe) or you stay in the middle doubting being tossed between the two.
The power of God is in your faith and his words. Given many great and precious promises, that by these you might be partakers of the divine nature.” look up “divine nature” in that verse in the Greek and it is “output”. Gods output is available to you through Christs action on the cross and the promises you believe. You make them real, you open the doors, your in charge. It is your faith that makes it real since it is all ready “yea and amen in Christ”

all the promises of God are yea and amen in him.

If God want’s there to be light he says “let there be light” believes it and it is. His words are his hands. Your faith opens the door to whatever words you put faith in. Your faith will not allow God to work in any way that you do not believe his words.

Well put on your “faith like a little child” goggles and read what Jesus said.
Pray believe you have (all ready, past tense) received it and you shall have it. Jesus made you “good enough” to receive it. Your merit is not in question. It is Gods will for you to have your will. All that needs to happen is use your faith AND patience till it shows up. Having faith is being upright. “no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.” (faith is being upright)

If God did not spare is son, but gave him up for us all what he withhold from us? He that finds a wife (spouse) finds a good thing.” As your faith be unto you. whatever door you open on earth is open in heaven and whatever you close on earth is closed in heaven. Will YOU allow it by receiving it before you believe it? The whole idea is for us to rule and reign with Christ. Christ rules with his words and his faith just like God does since he is god and one with God. “like dear children be imitators of God your father.” HOW DOES HE ACT? “who calls those things which are not as though they were” those that receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteous shall reign in life” (your alive now right?)




  1. Thank you for this. The invitation to believe could not have been more needed than this moment. Please pray that the husband God has chosen for me finds me soon.

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