You make things real or unreal all the time. on the inside.



by believing or disbelieving words you are making things real or not real inside yourself. Your a creator. In the image of the greatest creator. Your faith mixed with words makes things real or unreal inside you. (the kingdom of God is within you- Jesus)

The world is filled with words, but when we believe the creators words we make his reality alive and real within us. This result is life. (my words are spirit and they are life- Jesus)


And he said to them, “Take heed what you hear; that measure in which you are measuring is measured to you, and it is increased to you who hear.” mark 4:24
If you put weight on Gods words you give them life within yourself. This will be measured to you precisely in the weight you give his words. “as is your faith so be it done to you”. The sower sows the words looking for hearts that believe them. When you take God seriously and put faith in his words they become real to you and they spring up and grow. When you disregard his words and treat them lightly they don’t grow. You create and destroy by your faith, just like God does. You a creator because your in his likeness and image. 


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