(how to bake God a cake) How to have your prayers answered instantly. Or calling those things which are not as though they were. (receiving them before they ever exsist, instantly)

Comment from reader:
It just make you feel that you are the only one that don’t have the prayers answered. It is not good for men to be alone and it is harder for me because I am a people’s person. I keep praying but I am emotionally drained after 35 years praying.

Reply from me:
OK then this is sort a stretch but imagine how you would feel had it all ready happened. How  would you feel about that? If you had believed you had all ready received it before it really existed how would you feel. When you focus on it not having happened for many years you feel drained. Your faith is gone. When you focused on it all ready having happened because your certain of Gods integrity and ability you feel encouraged and happy.

What if the children on Israel focused on all their years of bondage? Do you think that might dampen their faith in the promise of a deliverer? What if they turned that around and focused on the promise of a deliverer, knowing it was a certainty because the same guy that promises the sun will rise the next day said there would be a deliverer.

What if you focus on it all ready having happened, even though it hasn’t yet happened? Who would you be acting like? You would be acting like someone “who calls those things that are not as though they all ready were. What if a kitten saw its dad catching a bug and eating it, then the kitten did the same. What if you saw God your dad “calling those things that are not as if they all ready existed? What if his kid went out and did that? Crazy talk? Well your in the image of God his offspring, created after his likeness just like the kitten is in the likeness of the cat.
“like dear children be imitators of your father in heaven”
“without faith it is impossible to receive anything from God”
“faith is being certain”
How is bringing up all the past 35 years helping you form certainty? Shift it to giving God the glory or weight because of who he is and what he is capable of. His integrity. Giving more weight to God than to any other factor or possibility. This pleases God. It is like good food to him.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for. Hows the going over the 35 years helping you create that substance? Could focusing on God’s integrity and ability help, rather than the last 35 years form certainty?

Ever read the parable about how the servant comes in from the field? Do you tell him sit down and eat or do you tell him first make my dinner then you can sit down and eat.

Give God the glory, the certainty before you see it. Make him his dinner first. Then eat yourself. God needs certainty as the substance to make your hope out of. Faith is the substance of things hoped for. Faith has to be solid and certain. To be solid it will be tested. You will have many other entities, powers , thoughts try to talk you out of your certainty. If it remains solid you will have whatsoever you saith. (mark 11:24) if it turns to unbelief nothing will come of it. God keeps everything that brings his word glory or weight. That weight establishes his kingdom which is built on his words. Because you kept it alive after testing you become a living and real part of his plan to establish and glorify his word. “good eats for God”.

Jesus said when you pray believe you have all ready received it, and you shall have it. Believing you have all ready received it is “calling those things which are not as though they all ready existed” In doing this you will have “like dear children imitate your father in heaven”. If you answer every thought to steal it with the belief in God’s character and the integrity of his word you will not allow it to be stolen. (the short cut to this is “love believes all things) If what you have believed for survives the test and is not stolen by you giving up your “certainty” you will have it.

“cast not away your confidence for it has great recompense of reward”

“We shall reap if we faint not”

The trick about not fainting is to wait patently on the lord.

“those that wait upon the lord will renew their strength, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint”  “the just shall walk by faith, and if he turns around and goes the other way I will have no pleasure in him”

God wants his dinner first which is confidence in his integrity. The whole of creation is built upon the integrity of his word and his ability to uphold it. When anything or anyone does not give his word the honor it is due by unbelief for whatever the reason he is not pleased. That kind of faith will receive nothing and is cursed.

“That’s why I tell you to have faith that you have already received whatever you pray for, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24 
Prayer answered instantly.


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