Giving weight to your words changes your reality

Your made in the image of God

When God gives weight to his words reality changes

When you give weight to words your reality changes.

When we give weight to Gods words which are established everywhere else, we establish them here. This brings the kingdom of God to earth. Its already here but needs a way in to this planet. Since God gave the world to man uoyou open the doors or close them. Because you give weight to what God agrees and says is reality in the rest of the universe it becomes real for you in the earth.

But my God shall supply all your need according (in direct relation to)  to his riches in glory (Glory = weight or faith in them) by Christ (THE anointing and the anointed one) Jesus. phil 4:19 KJV

Another way to say this is “as your faith is so be it done unto you”. Gods economy is a glory economy. When we give God glory or weight we allow God to operate here.

And my God shall satisfy all your needs according to his riches in the glory of Yeshua The Messiah, phil 4:19 AramaicImage


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