Like Dear children imitate God- Who speaks those things that are not as though they were.


We are told “like dear children imitate God”
God calls those things which are not as though they were.
That’s what he does. So do we imitate him or not?
Jesus said if you believe in your heart and do not doubt you will have what ever YOU say, and you could talk to a mountain and it would obey YOU. Your the God given appointed authority in Christ. Jesus our example spoke to diseases, spoke to the wind and the waves. His righteousness makes you a ruler.
Its the “knowledge of good and evil” that has put our heart in two places and made it hard to do this. The heart swinging this way and that makes solid belief difficult and makes finding “truth” elusive as we give weight to each opposing outcome. Some people call this heresy but I think it is evil to try to conceal with accusation what kind of beings God says we are and to contradict the commands Jesus gave in black and white. The accusation of heresy are never backed up with scripture, just shouted loudly as they say acting like God is evil. (even thorugh scripture commands it) In who’s best interest is it to hide our heritage and nature and make us disobey God? We should speak to the wind and waves in our life and to the mountains with a solid belief in the truth about who we are and imitate the lord Jesus Christ. We should find out the truth about what God has appointed us to in Christ in the here and now. Search the scriptures and see whats true.
The devil would have you stay silent living below the circumstance instead of being “above only and not beneath”, to be the “head and not the tail.” God has given authority in this planet to Man not to the elements or our problems or to the devil. We are in charge of every blade of grass, every drop of water and every cell in our body. We are in charge with our mouths, like any king. We experience life and death by what we say internally or externally when mixed with our faith. When belief in the heart is involved “we will have whatever we say”. What ever door we open or close in our heart on earth is open and closed in heaven. We are in charge according to Genesis and Jesus. —“Those that accept the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness will reign as kings in life.” (it follows those that don’t will have serve as surfs in life)

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