Whatever door you open on earth is open in heaven.

do not worry or be anxious about anything. It says do not fear hundreds of times but do not kill only a few. Since we are in Gods image we create things when we speak and believe them. Gods faith makes his words real, our faith makes ours real. If we have a lot of faith its instantly real, with a little faith its real at least to us, on the inside weather or not it ever shows up in the real world. When we believe a fear (evil) we make it “real” for us. We open that door in heaven by our belief, we give it weight (glory) Our faith makes it real, this is where the knowledge of “good and evil” really messes us up. We need to substitute Gods promises for each fear thought. (taking every thought captive to the knowledge Christ) “Whatever door we open on earth is open in heaven.”  “the kingdom of God is within you” Believing fears opens the door to the kingdom of evil. Evil needs your permission to operate on the earth since God put us in charge. Not every thought is your own. Until you believe it, then you own it. By believing you open the door in heaven making it a possibility for you based on the weight or glory you put on the thought. Ether evil thoughts or good. A king reigns by his word. Be-live Gods words and he will be reigning in your life by you opening the doors to him through your faith or belief. Believing evil allows the rebel king to operate through you. You open the doors or close them by faith.  God meets our needs according to his riches in glory (weight) through Christ Jesus. “As is your faith (door opening) so be it done to you.”  Whatever door we open, by faith we have according to our faith. Believing worry’s and fears torments us since fear has torment. This means faith has the opposite of torment or peace. You can’t stop birds from flying over your head but you can stop them from making a nest in your hair. 


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