Question about how is God blaming me for adam and eves sin fair.


hey Tim idk if you remember me but i had a question. Why did God create me…I would rather not be created but he made me when I never asked for life. I don’t understand how he could make man who never asked for this and who received a sinful nature which was beyond their control.. and God could judge men for sinning when the only reason we sin is because of what Adam and eve did. how is that our fault.

This might seem random but its been lingering in my mind for a while now and I thought you could help

Everything seems beyond our control but God still judges us for it.

My reply: (if its underlined you can click it for the bible verse)

Your only seeing half of it without God’s fix. Your right in thinking it wasn’t fair and that God should fix it. It shows us in the bible that God thought something along those lines and took the most drastic steps to fix the problem rather than just ignoring it.

In Romans it says one man sinned and got everyone in trouble and then one man got it right, and got everyone out of the trouble. God took care of your problem. When you trust in Christ he makes you able not to sin.

It was “legal” that we were all in trouble but it wasn’t fair really. Instead of standing idly by it says God took human form (God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself, the bible says). He took upon his own self all the punishment due us, so that when we trust him we can be innocent. Whoever trusts him can stop sinning. Sinning is being controlled by Satan since real government is spiritual. When someone sins Satan has the legal right to control him since he has legal rights to everyone that obeys him. The legal right is given to him when we yield to his control. 

When you yield to Jesus control you have the right to say no to sin all though it still urges you. That urge is the spiritual control the devil is exerting. Jesus stops that power from working since his sacrifice removes the legal rights the devil has when we exercise our faith in that sacrifice. To say that God did nothing is ignoring the giant expense and pain he went through. And does God still judge us, well it says those that trust Christ do not come into judgement. Christ was judged guilty since he died in the flesh. God judged sin in the flesh. His flesh paid for all sins.

was thinking about this and saw that you had very strong faith in the judgment of God. You absolutely believe that God holds us accountable for our sins. You have faith in it. If you have the same amount of faith in what Jesus did on the cross you would reign in life. (they that accept the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness will reign in life as kings. – seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness)

What Jesus did on the cross is the same as God’s judgment on sin. Its just as final. God judged sin in the flesh. Jesus flesh took your sin and it was judged. A totally righteous person had all the sins of the world piled on his body even though he never did anything wrong. God sees that judgment when he looks at you or I when we trust in Christ He does not see only one part it in the way you are. He considers both judgments.

Since it was a lack of trust that caused mans fall it is trust in Gods provision of a sin sacrifice that restores the relationship. Its a fair and balanced solution. “the just shall walk by “loyal” trust.”

I see you using your faith in God’s judgment “against us” in your statement above. If you use the same faith in his judging sin in the body of Christ you will reign in life like a king. Both judgments are true but the latter one supersedes the first. It is unjust to see just God’s judgment “against us” without also giving equal weight to his “paying for” that sin in the body of Christ. When you see both in equal weight you arrive at God’s grace. Its mathematical.
Man = mans flesh + mans spirit m=(mf)(ms)
Jesus=Jesus flesh + Jesus Spirit =(Jf)(jS)
Man (mF) +(ms)=sin (s)
Jesus (Jf)(Js) =righteousness (r)
so (mf)(ms) + (jf)(js) = s + r

Subtracting Jesus flesh also subtracts sin in the flesh, since god judged sin in the flesh So you take out sin and the flesh from the equation.

You take out (FLESH) Jf and mf (flesh) and s (SIN) this leaves MS+JS=R

In this case the plus + is your faith in that sacrifice

Mans spirit + Jesus Spirit = Righteousness

If you have righteousness you will reign as a king in life, The head and not the tail, above and not beneath.

Without Jesus taking your sin and without his power to help you you will still be in the control of sin and destined for the eternal garbage pail.

So if through the spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body you shall live (Romans 8)8)

This is why it says “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me, the life I live in the flesh I live by faith in the son of God. Trusting Christ allows us to have his life, all life is spiritual.

We then become subject to Christ (his spirit) instead of subject to law. It calls law the ministry of death in the bible since no one could keep the law it made all guilty and therefore dead to God. Jesus became a curse of the law for us.
This shows we live from moment to moment trusting Christ, ( Christ =anointing) “the anointing breaks the yoke” Trusting Christ for the power to do right allows us to do what is right and keeps us safe from the other spiritual government that is currently operating since that satanic government no longer has legal rights to us. In Christ our sins are paid for, without him we are subject to the current world government that has legal rights to us via our sin. Trusting Christ cuts you off from the worlds puppet strings and allows you to be controlled by God (God’s Kingdom or rule) which is where we are supposed to be all along. Christ is God in a form which we can understand and comes to meet us on our level.



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