Believed Truth is Gods kingdom

Since we fell by sin then obtaining the knowledge of both Good and evil, truth centers us and makes the knowledge of good and evil of no effect in whatever we believe the truth in. (what God says) We then enter into God’s reality for that truth whatever it is. We come out of evil or wavering and stand strong, Gods words frame Gods kingdom and his reality (thy word is truth) . Believing what God says lets us partake in his reality or his kingdom according to the weight (glory) we give it (whatever door you open, whatever door you close) . To be sure however the spirit that rules the world will try to wait for you to be napping, (a idle mind) and attempt to get you (the legitimate authority of the earth) to agree with him or at least cause doubt. (evil) If he can get your agreement or get you to waver he can stop the word of God from growing, by taking away the faith it needs. God has decreed that Jesus tasted death for every man, however only those who believe it partake. The key to believing what God said is love, love believes all things. Love makes the word of God understandable and causes you to grow. “speaking the truth in love you might grow up into him who is the head (Christ). Without love truth becomes twisted and cults and misunderstandings start.


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